NBA 2K24 Season 5: Everything you need to know

NBA 2K24 Season 5 Devin Booker Cover

NBA 2K24 Season 5 Devin Booker Cover

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NBA 2K24 Season 5 is finally here and it introduced some exciting content. New programs, rewards, cards, events, and a brand-new Season Pass have arrived.

However, fans are wondering if this will be enough to turn the tide and revitalize NBA 2K24. The game needs something to captivate players, especially when other sports games such as WWE 2K24 and MLB The Show 24 are just around the corner.

So let's find out everything about NBA 2K24 Season 5.

NBA 2K24 Season 5 release date

The NBA 2K24 Season 5 went live on Friday, 23 February, at 11am ET/4pm.

As mentioned above, Season 5 brought a lot of new content such as new programs, cards and events. The MyTEAM and MyCAREER game modes were the biggest benefactors of this new wave of content.

NBA 2K24 Season 5 reward
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Credit: NBA 2K

So without further ado, let's take a look at everything that NBA 2K24 Season 5 introduced.

NBA 2K24 Season 5 rewards

As mentioned above Season 5 introduced a lot of new content, especially to the MyTEAM and MyCAREER game modes.

In MyTEAM, Season 5 introduced a new reward path that allows you to earn many rewards as you progress. These rewards include exclusive player cards, shoe packs, XP, Tokens and many others.

As soon as you enter MyTEAM after the Season 5 update you will receive a Free Agent Kevin Durant card, that can help you complete challenges and progress in the reward ladder.

NBA 2K24 Season 5 LVL 40 Reward Galaxy Opal James Harden
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The reward you really want to get your hands on is the 98 OVR Galaxy Opal James Harden, which you will earn once you reach LVL 40 and complete the Season 5 reward path.

On your way to LVL 40, you will earn a plethora of great rewards, especially player cards such as Amethyst Steven Adams, Diamond Caron Butler and Pink Diamond Pete Maravich.

New programs will also arrive at MyTEAM throughout Season 5, with the first one being the Wild West program. This program introduced an incredible 100 OVR Galaxy Opal Shaquille O'Neal, among many other great cards.

Season 5 also brought a lot of exciting rewards to MyCAREER. You can earn unique emotes, new jumpshot meters, XP, and unique apparel among others.

Similar to MyTEAM, you will need to progress through the reward ladder to collect all these rewards. You can do that by completing challenges and playing games.

NBA 2K24 Season 5 rewards
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Credit: NBA 2K
Season 5 has a plethora of rewards.

It's also worth noting that, a plethora of new MyPLAYER templates were also added, including some unique community builds. This gives you even more options when building your MyPLAYER.

When it comes to The W, Season 5 also introduced some unique rewards. You can earn weekly or seasonal rewards such as Sabrina Ionescu Heroine Edition Jersey, various team boosts, a MyTEAM Sky Jersey card, and clothing bundles among others.

NBA 2K24 Season 5 Pass

A new Season Pass was introduced and brought many rewards. Similar to the past seasons, the Season Pass format remains the same, with one free tier and two premium ones.

NBA 2K24 Season 5 Pass
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The standard Season 5 pass has 40 levels, while both premium passes have 80 levels and include exclusive rewards. Some of those exclusive rewards are an eye patch, a Galaxy Opal Zion Williamson, a white astronaut helmet, and the Pro Pass Galaxy Opal James Harden card.

The option to pay to skip Season Pass levels continues, meaning you can just pull your credit card out and pay to complete the entire Season 5 pass, without even playing a game.

Bad Bunny is coming to NBA 2K24

Yes, you heard it right, perhaps the biggest surprise of Season 5 is the introduction of Bad Bunny. One of the biggest music artists in the world has arrived at NBA 2K24 as part of the MyTEAM Crossover Series.

To add him to your MyTEAM lineup you will need to complete his Spotlight challenge. You can also earn two Bad Bunny jersey cards and a Bad Bunny court.

NBA 2K24 Season 5 Bad Bunny MyTEAM Crossover Series
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Credit: NBA 2K
Bad Bunny is coming to NBA 2K24!

However, Bad Bunny didn't only come to MyTEAM as he is also present in MyCAREER. You can earn his unique Los Cangrejeros de Santurce jersey and showcase it around The City.

Furthermore, 18 songs from his most recent album "Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana" were added to the game soundtrack.

We hope this article answered all of your questions about Season 5, and wish you good luck on your NBA 2K24 games.

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