NBA jerseys: Nike's massive NBA statement

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NBA offers each fan the complete basketball experience. Every aficionado is given a chance to consume the world's most renowned basketball competition in a variety of ways. From idolizing and imitating basketball superstars to debating who's the best and above the rest, each basketball enthusiast is immersed in their love for the game.

Best of all, the NBA experience is not confined to grandeur arenas. It trickles down to every household in different ways. Whether that's through online and console video games, or the team uniforms that those household members wear, the NBA is an all-consuming affair. And with the new partnership between NBA and Nike, this experience has now been made more surreal than ever.

Nike has released a new set of jerseys known as the "Statement Edition". These jerseys come with a host of new features made possible through the advancement of mobile technology and are now part of the NBA fabric that is designed to bring fans closer to the game. 

New beginnings, new identity

A new jersey signals a new beginning. As an example, take a look at Minnesota's design for their latest game wear. Both the association and icon versions transform their look and highlight a new era in Minnesota basketball. The association jersey gives a new flavor to their classic look while the icon version projects the rich heritage of this franchise and gives off a fearless vibe. These uniforms indicate the transformation that is happening in Minnesota, not only through their rosters but also in their style and impact on the NBA.

And when you look at their statement jersey, which is inspired by the Northern Lights, you cannot help but be blown away by how much vibrant color is on display. The fans of the T-Wolves will not only be excited about this upcoming season due to Minnesota's improved roster, they will also relish the new bright and bold look.

Reviving identity and history

Classic jerseys are simply timeless. Some teams made massive changes to their uniforms for the upcoming season, while others just updated their classic look, reliving their culture and history.

This is what the Los Angeles Lakers did with their statement edition. Their purple uniform gives a vibe of the vintage Lakers that captured multiple NBA championships. This particular outfit seems appropriate as the Lakers have seemingly started their venture towards former glories under the guidance of Magic Johnson.

The Philadelphia 76ers likewise pay homage to their rich history and tradition with their statement uniforms. The jerseys commemorate the Declaration of Independence with cursive letters and could ignite the team's young core to replicate their previous successes.


Building bridges, building community

A team's jersey is more than just a representation of the franchise, it is an embodiment of their city and community. Fans live vicariously through their team's ups and downs, as evidenced when the Cavaliers finally ended their championship drought and the entire city of Cleveland celebrated with them. Wearing a jersey that represents your city is an honor and a responsibility.

Golden State's new jersey highlights this strong sense of community. The jersey transcends the Warriors' mission to bring the championship to the whole Bay Area. "The Town" is a great representation of the love the Warriors have for Oakland, and with the revision of their bridge logo to Oakland's tree, the Dubs have showed the importance of their fans and the whole community.

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