When will NBA 2K22 be hitting the shelves?

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NBA 2K21 is still capturing players with tons of improvements for current gen, and a ton of new features for next gen, but when is NBA 2K22 coming out?

Let's go over what we know so far about the NBA 2K22 release date and other details about the next big basketball video game.

When is NBA 2K22 Coming Out?

NBA 2K22 currently has no official release date, but if we take previous releases into account, we can expect a launch around late August or early September.

NBA 2K22 Release Date Demo Impact Engine Locker Codes
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IMPACT ENGINE: A new engine reworked NBA 2K21 gameplay for next gen consoles

One thing that may push this back, however, is the extensive work done to rebuild NBA 2K21 for next gen consoles.

Until NBA 2K22 are announced, fans should expect a normal release schedule.

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NBA 2K22 Demo

The NBA 2K series offers demos for upcoming releases a few weeks before launch day.

When is NBA 2K22 Coming Out Release Date Demo Preorder
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BADGE PRACTICE: NBA 2K demos allow players to experiment with builds

The NBA 2K21 demo allowed players to test out new builds with short games and learn fundamentals with a tutorial shootaround.

This will likely remain the case for an NBA 2K22 demo, which we can expect some time in early August.

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NBA 2K22 Early Access

Most major sports games today come with early access offered for those that preorder specific editions, but this isn't the case for the NBA 2K series.

NBA 2K22 release date early access trial demo
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DAME TIME?: NBA 2K22 isn't expected to have any early access

Outside of the demo, players won't be able to get NBA 2K22 early access through any means unless 2K shake things up in the new year.

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