NBA Live 19: New Orleans Pelicans Player Ratings and Roster

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With such a fun offensive lineup, gamers will be queuing up to play with the Pelicans on NBA Live 19. Check out their full roster and list of offensive plays below to give yourself a leg up on the competition.

Elfrid Payton, PG, 78

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Age: 24  

Position: PG

Height: 6’4’’

Playstyle: Slasher

Best stats: 88 Driving Layup, 88 Stamina, 86 Speed

Payton will fill the void left by Rajon Rondo for the Pelicans in 2018/19, after moving over from the Orlando Magic in the offseason. Since entering the league in 2014, he hasn't progressed significantly as a player, and his averages last season of 11.8 points, 5.3 rebounds, 6.2 assists and 1.0 steals closely mirror his number from years gone by. Though he is a reasonable distributor, Payton's inability to shoot will continue to limit his production unless something drastically changes.

Jrue Holiday, SG, 86

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Age: 28

Position: SG

Height: 6’4’’

Playstyle: Slasher

Best stats: 93 On Ball Defense, 90 Stamina, 88 Driving Layup

Jrue Holiday’s 2017/18 season was the best of his career, and he was a huge reason behind the dominant late season form of the Pelicans. Long known for his elite defensive abilities, he reminded everyone that he has plenty of talent at the other end of the floor with a career-high 19.0 points per game on a career-high 49.4% shooting.

E’Twaun Moore, SF, 77

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Age: 29 

Position: SF

Height: 6’4’’

Playstyle: Wing Shooter

Best stats: 84 3-point Shot, 83 Stamina, 81 Mid-Range Shot

Moore was the least memorable of the Pelicans’ impressive starting five in the latter stages of last year, but he is an important floor-stretcher and can put in big offensive games. His 12.5 points, 2.9 rebounds, 2.3 assists and 1.0 steals per game last season weren't huge numbers, but his ability to knock down the long ball was evident in his 42.5% conversion rate from long range.

Julius Randle, PF, 83

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Age: 23

Position: PF

Height: 6’9’’

Playstyle: Post Anchor

Best stats: 93 Stamina, 88 Inside Shot, 88 Post Moves

The enigmatic Randle moved to the Pelicans from the Lakers in the off-season after averaging 16.1 points, 8.0 rebounds and 2.6 assists per game in his fifth NBA season. A player who divides opinion, Randle is capable of virtually anything - though his shot remains a limitation - at the offensive end and can put up huge numbers in short periods of time. Equally, however, he has a tendency to put in error-riddled games, so it will be interesting to see how he develops in New Orleans.

Anthony Davis, C, 94

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Age: 25

Position: C

Height: 6’10’’

Playstyle: Post Anchor

Best stats: 99 Defensive Awareness, 97 Inside Shot, 97 Shot Block

Davis’ form in the early parts of the 2017/18 season propelled him into MVP considerations, where he will be expecting to find himself once again this year. He is arguably the best two-way player in the league, capable of dominating at both ends of the floor on any given night - something highlighted by his 28.1 points on 53.4% shooting, 11.1 rebounds, 2.3 assists, 1.5 steals and 2.6 blocks per night last season. 

NBA Live 19 New Orleans Pelicans Roster

Name OVR Position Height Playstyle Best Stats
Anthony Davis94C6'10"Post Anchor99 Defensive Awareness, 97 Inside Shot
Jrue Holiday86PG6'4"Slasher93 On Ball Defense, 90 Stamina
Julius Randle73PF6'9"Post Anchor93 Stamina, 88 Inside Shot
Nikola Mirotic79PF6'10"Stretch Big82 Shot off Dribble, 81 Rebounding
Elfrid Payton78PG6'4"Slasher88 Driving Layup, 88 Stamina
E'Twaun Moore77SF6'4"Wing Shooter84 3-point Shot, 83 Stamina
Wesley Johnson75SF6'7"Wing Scorer82 Speed, 81 Vertical
Jahlil Okafor75C6'11"Post Anchor85 Strength, 84 Inside Shot
Cheick Diallo75PF6'9"Rim Protector84 Strength, 82 Vertical
Ian Clark73SG6'3"Slasher84 Mid-Range Shot, 82 Speed
Trevon Bluiett73SG6'5"Wing Shooter95 Free Throw, 90 Stamina
Tim Frazier72PG6'1"Floor General80 Speed, 79 Mid-Range Shot
Solomon Hill71SF6'7"Wing Scorer83 Free Throw, 81 Speed
Frank Jackson70PG6'3"Slasher85 Speed, 85 Stamina
Darius Miller69SF6'8"Wing Shooter85 Stamina, 81 Speed


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The Pelicans' high-powered offense offers up plenty of pre-determined plays which you can utilize on NBA Live 19 - have a look at every single one of them below.

Play Name Play Type
PG Horns SlotPick and Roll
PG Fist Up ShortPick and Roll
PG Horns Al HighPick and Roll
PG Horns Mix AnglePick and Roll
PG Horns Flex MixPick and Roll
PG Pistol UpPick and Roll
PG Thru MixPick and Roll
PG Thru Reverse RamPick and Roll
PG DragPick and Roll
PG 41 High Double DragPick and Roll
PG 14 Low HighPick and Roll
PG 41 Weak AnglePick and Roll
PG 41 High AnglePick and Roll
PG 41 Weak UPPick and Roll
PG 41 LiftedPick and Roll
SG Zip FistPick and Roll
SG High Pistol AnglePick and Roll
SF 3 Down SnugPick and Roll
SF 41 Pin AnglePick and Roll
SF 41 Strong Reverse GetPick and Roll
SF 41 Strong Reverse AnglePick and Roll
PF 41 Pitch SpreadPick and Roll
PF 41 Weak HighPick and Roll
PG Horns Cross DownScreen
PG Horns FlareScreen
PG Thru ReverseScreen
PG Zip TripScreen
PG 41 Weak Reverse Back PinScreen
PG 41 Strong Reverse PinScreen
SG Horns Elbow StaggerScreen
SG Horns Elbow AwayScreen
SG Horns Stagger AwayScreen
SG Horns AlScreen
SG 41 Weak Reverse PinScreen
SG Elbow QuickScreen
SG 41 High StaggerScreen
SG 41 Weak StaggerScreen
SG 41 Strong Reverse Back DownScreen
SF Elbow Split DownScreen
SF Double PinScreen
SF Box Zip Al ElevatorScreen
SF Elbow StaggerScreen
SF 41 PinScreen
SF 41 High AwayScreen
PF Spin Rev DoubleScreen
PF Horns Al FlareScreen
PF 41 High DownScreen
C 41 Strong Reverse DownScreen
C 41 DownScreen
PG 41 Strong Reverse SlicePostup
SG 41 Duck InPostup
SG 41 Strong Reverse FlexPostup
SF 41 Low Quick PostPostup
PF Hook Double RipPostup
PF 41 Strong UpPostup
C Elbow SplitPostup
C Thru Reverse CrossPostup
C 41 Quick PostPostup
C 41 Weak Quick Wing EntryPostup
C 41 Quick EntryPostup
C 41 Strong Reverse Wing EntryPostup

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