EA College Football delay paves way for NBA Live return

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It's been full steam ahead for EA Sports in recent weeks.

From rumours of a Fight Night return to confirmation of a College Football title, there's been plenty to get stuck into.

But is the door open for an NBA Live return in 2021?

College Football

NCAA Football is gone, but EA isn't giving up on the American Football front.

They confirmed earlier this month that College Football is coming back, but it will be rebranded as EA Sports College Football.

But don't get too excited, as EA have also hit excited fans with some pretty devastating news.

The game won't be coming in 2021, it may not even be coming in 2022.

EA have stated that they "look forward to sharing more information as development progresses in the next couple of years."

But could that spell good news for NBA Live fans?

NBA Live

NBA Live '19 was the last, full-scale basketball title that EA Sports released. So it's safe to say we're due one!

There is no explanation as to why we won't see the College Football title until 2022, so could it be due to the fact EA is working on another sporting title?


We haven't heard anything on the NBA Live front since October 2019, when EA released a statement on their NBA Live socials to announce that they would not be releasing NBA Live 20.

They did speak about "creating something fresh for the next generation of players and platforms" though, and with Next Gen now in full swing, this could be the perfect opportunity to bring the title back.

NBA 2K has dominated the basketball gaming world in recent years, but should EA put the right amount of effort into their NBA Live franchise, there could be two elite choices to choose between.

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