NBA Live 20: EA will not be releasing a game this year

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We have been speculating for some time about the fate of EA's NBA Live title.

Originally slated to hit before the NBA season this year, it was pushed back into the last stages of 2019. However, with the NBA regular season now in full swing and still no sign of the game it had to be asked if EA had any intention of getting the game on the shelves before Christmas. Now we know...

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There will be no NBA Live this season.

NBA Live 20 will not be released

In a statement on their twitter account EA finally ended the questions and told the expectant gamers there will be no NBA Live 20, echoing the cancellation of NBA Live 17.

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The announcement is not really a surprise. Having missed the pre-season release window and with NBA 2K20 now the top-selling game of the year it isn't a surprise that EA have shelved the game for the time being.

We have seen recently what damage dropping an unfinished game can cause with WWE 2K20, so taking the year off is a wise move from EA.

What the future holds for NBA Live

There is no doubt that EA are well behind 2K when it comes to NBA titles. This is the second time in 4 years EA have not released an NBA game, with the fanbase seemingly happy to put their trust in 2K when it comes to hoops.

However, there is a reason EA are the gaming giants they are, so writing them off would be foolish.


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Taking the extra time to nail NBA Live 21 and "creating something fresh" is a welcome step for the annual cycle of sports games that can often result in very similar-feeling games from year to year.

If EA can truly create a clean, fresh experience for gamers with NBA Live 21 then just maybe it will reset the whole industry and lead to every title receiving the same treatment. Maybe.

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