Rocket League Golden Pumpkin: How to get it, Haunted Hallows, Ghostbusters, and more

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It's October, which means Halloween themes are taking over gaming.

Rocket League is bringing the Haunted Hallows event to players along with some cool Ghostbusters-themed items!


There are some freebies you can earn within the event, but how do you get them?

Golden Pumpkins

Everyone loves free cosmetics, and Rocket League is giving you the chance to unlock some more pieces.

The Haunted Hallows event gives players the chance to earn free Golden Pumpkins, which can be used to unlock items from the Turbo, Nitro, and Vindicator Series.

How do you get them though...

How to get Golden Pumpkins

The method is simple, but it might take you some time. Get ready for a grind!


To get free Golden Pumpkins you need to play 20 online matches.

rl hauntedhallows screenshots staypufttopper rocket league
STAY PUFT: This topper will be a popular one!

It's that simple!

You can repeat this FIVE TIMES, which means there is a lot you can earn just by playing the game.

If you pull off ten saves or epic saves, or get 10 assists while you’re grinding you can also grab the Slimer or Stay Puft Toppers. What a double whammy!

Haunted Hallows event

The event is now live! It runs until 2 November on Xbox One, PS4, Switch, PC, Mac, and Linux.



The first unique mode is Haunted Heatseeker. This version of the Heatseeker game mode takes place in the Haunted Urban Arena and runs until 26 October.

Then it's time for Spike Rush! This mode is played exclusively on night versions of maps.

Ghostbusters items

Part of the Halloween event is a Ghostbusters crossover!

There are lots of cool things to unlock by completing challenges within the game.


Here's the full list of Ghostbusters items:

  • Ghostbusters Avatar Border
  • Ghostbusters Wheels
  • Stay Puft Topper
  • GhostBusters Player Banner
  • Stay Puft Wheels
  • Ectoplasm Boost
  • Mood Slime Boost
  • Ghost Trap Topper
  • Slimer Topper
  • Ecto-1 Player Banner

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