South Sydney Rabbitohs: Their Best 17 Ever

The Rabbitohs are one of the league’s proudest clubs; starting as a foundation team in 1908 and winning the very first premiership.  They’ve since gone on to win 21 Premierships since then; the most of any club.  Apart from dominating the early years of the competition, they also enjoyed periods of dominance in the late 1920s, the 1950s and from the late 1960s to the early 1970s, where many of these players were picked from.  

Picking players across eras is never an exact science.  An author can do all the research in the world and still never be 100% sure about the selections put forward.  Sure, there are some certainties for every team of this nature, but let this not end the debate; let it start one.

The main criteria is that each player has been selected on the strength of their performances for the club in question (not representative football and not for other clubs).  They may have only been at the club for a short time, but if they’ve made The Best 17 Ever, it’s because of the undeniable quality that they produced during that time.

So let the debate begin!

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