Until Dawn and The Quarry Developer Supermassive Games Acquired by Nordisk Games

Creators of some of the most popular horror stories in the market today Supermassive Games have been acquired by the Copenhagen-based Nordisk Games.

As the name behind popular titles like Until Dawn and The Quarry, Supermassive Games has established itself as a popular name within the industry since its founding in 2008. Here's all the information on the acquisition.

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Nordisk Acquired Supermassive Games

A screenshot of The Quarry by Supermassive Games
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The announcement came from Egmont, the parent company of Nordisk Film whose subsidiary, Nordisk games made the purchase of Supermassive Games after acquiring a 30.7% stake in the company in March of 2021. Nordisk Games is a company that has been growing their portfolio of studios in recent years, with minority and majority stakes in other studios like Just Cause developers Avalanche. Supermassive Games makes for the third wholly-owned studio in the Portfolio of Nordisk.

It appears that the acquisition will have no affect on the games currently being developed by Supermassive Games, with CEO of Nordisk Games Mikkel Weider stating that this new purchase will allow his team to "...increase our support to the team, and most importantly, continue the great working relationship we have with them." when it comes to future projects.

Pete Samuels, CEO of Supermassive, shared a similar sentiment when asked about the acquisition stating that despite it only being "just over a year" since the two companies began working together, "... the experience and expertise" that Nordisk brought plus the "additional resources" that came from being in a larger family of studios was clear and that "it wasn't a difficult decision" when Nordisk wanted to increase their investment due to that positive experience since March of 2021.

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