*WATCH NOW* NHL 23 Reveal Trailer Shows Off Gameplay, Zegras Flip, & Announces Crossplay

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EA has kicked off the NHL 23 reveal season by showing off the game's cover, with cover athletes Trevor Zegras and Sarah Nurse fronting the box, and now a massive reveal trailer!

With that, let's get right into what we learned from the NHL 23 reveal trailer, including the game's release date, the new Zegras Flip, women in HUT and Chel, the post-launch addition of crossplay, and more.

*WATCH NOW* NHL 23 Reveal Trailer

The NHL 23 reveal trailer kicks things off right for EA in the new year by showing off some of the exciting new additions to the series while confirming its most important details.

NHL 23 Cross-platform Matchmaking CONFIRMED

Finally after years of community requests, EA has made the move to include crossplay, or cross-platform matchmaking, in NHL 23!

This will mean the NHL 23 multiplayer community will pull from a much wider pool of players, and it will also mean friends will no longer have to play on the same platforms to enjoy the game together online.

Zegras Flip Coming to NHL 23

Once Trevor Zegras surprised the hockey world by earning his NHL 23 cover spot in his sophomore season with the Anaheim Ducks, many fans jumped right to predicting his infamous over-the-goal pass would make the cut in gameplay.

EA has finally confirmed it by adding the Zegras Flip to the NHL 23 reveal trailer, and the move will be a new tricky way for playmakers to make an impact on the ice.

Women's Hockey Representation is Coming to HUT

To truly build the ultimate hockey team in NHL 23 HUT, players can now expand their scope to the stars and legends of women's hockey as well this year!

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