NHL 24 1.04 Patch Notes: Huge goalie changes, push checks tuned & more

NHL 24 gameplay

NHL 24 gameplay

A new NHL 24 patch is here, and it brings some huge changes, especially to the goalie position. NHL 24 patch 1.04 is introducing changes to the goalies' X-Factors, save accuracy, and size balancing.

Just like most patches, this new NHL 24 addresses plenty of bugs, most of them for the World of Chel game mode, and introduces other gameplay improvements.

Without further ado, let's take a look at the biggest changes coming to NHL 24 in patch 1.04.

Goalies receive huge changes

As mentioned above, this patch introduced a lot of changes to the goalie position, starting with the update of plenty of goalie X-Factors to make them more viable.

The X-Factors updated were Light Work, Extra Padding, Whirlwind, Handled It, and ‘Energizer. Hopefully, this will provide players with more viable choices when selecting which X-Factor to use. This was something the community had been asking for and the NHL developers delivered it.

NHL 24 cover
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Credit: EA Sports

The save reach and save accuracy features also underwent significant changes. The penalty for smaller goalies that attempt far-reaching saves was reduced, while it was increased for larger goalies.

The save accuracy was also tuned, as according to players, goalies that were squared to the puck were struggling to make easy saves, while out-of-position goalies were making otherworldly saves.

Other changes

New uniforms were also added to the game, while other ones were updated. The World of Chel game mode also received plenty of small bug fixes, which will hopefully improve the players' gaming experience.

NHL 24 gameplay
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Credit: EA Sports

This update is also preparing the game for the upcoming All-Star Weekend. We expect to see a lot of content around the All-Star Weekend arrive at the game soon, so stay tuned for that.

You can read all about the full NHL 24 1.04 Patch Notes here.

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