Animal Crossing: New Horizons: Island living, multiplayer leaderboards, and more crafting - what we want from new game

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons is set to be one of Nintendo's most anticipated new titles for 2020.

Fans of the franchise are eagerly awaiting the new deserted island environment to explore.


There are many elements that Animal Crossing fanatics are wanting to know about the new game.

Will it live up to the rest of the series? And how will the online features and updates evolve over time?

Here are three things we want from Animal Crossing: New Horizons!

Island living

As those that have been following the updates about Animal Crossing: New Horizions already know, the new game will have better graphics than ever before. But will it live up to Nintendo's promises?

All the footage of the game that has been released so far shows of New Horizons' 1080p capabilities. And it shows how far the series has come in terms of graphics. It manages to maintain its cartoonish style whilst also being much more detailed and sharper than ever before.


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Will the island setting of the game be a breath of fresh air for the series, or will it end up making fans want to return to the old town and city settings? This has been a major point of contention between fans in the past, after all.

There are many environments to play through in New Horizons.

ISLAND LIFE: The new island life is remarkably different from the cities and towns.

This is a desert island but that doesn't stop Nintendo from varying the tyres of environments on offer. From videos and stills already released, we've seen perfect sandy beaches, tranquil forests and grasslands blooming with colourful flowers.

One of my major hopes for this game is that Nintendo pulls it off and the new island setting for the game turns out to be a hit and an all-new way of exploring.

Multiplayer leaderboards

Another element I hope to see with the new game is a better multiplayer experience than the previous games in the series.


After all, the Animal Crossing games are very social games and a great multiplayer experience is essential for creating an Animal Crossing game with lots of re-playability.

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From the information Nintendo have revealed, the multiplayer is much more expansive than ever before, especially in terms of online multiplayer.

However, the online multiplayer will have limitations regarding the number of players on one island. Hopefully in the future, Nintendo may address this through updates but at this stage its mere speculation.

Additionally, it'd be great to be able to compete against your friends in activities such as fishing, surfing and sailing, as well as having overall leader boards online. Who caught the biggest Sea Bass? Check the table!

Improved crafting

Nintendo has revealed that Animal Crossing: New Horizons will contain a multitude of new features. One of the most notable ones being the pole vaulting element that characters can now craft and use to vault across rivers.


POLE VAULTING: One of the many new features added to New Horizons.

Just being able to vault across rivers with ease will make the gameplay seem all the more satisfying and will be a remarkably different way of travelling compared to previous games. The vaulting cuts down on travel time but fast travel would be even more efficient.

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Crafting has huge potential, it's the cornerstone of many gaming series such as the recent Fallout games and, of course, Minecraft. More materials, tools and items to create will make this feature reach its potential.

Overall, I hope that the new features in Animal Crossing: New Horizons with regards to the new ways of crafting and travelling will add extra enjoyment to an already highly addictive game.