Gods & Monsters: Release date, trailer, gameplay, open world, characters, Switch & everything else you need to know

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Ever since Ubisoft debuted the trailer for Gods and Monsters at E3 2019, there has been an air of excitement around this game due to its exquisitely stylised fantasy world.

Developed by the creators of Assassin's Creed Odyssey, it carries over the style, which could only mean good things are in store for the gameplay.


Switch fans are always keen for the next massive RPG, especially with no date yet set for the release of Breath of the Wild 2, and Gods & Monsters may well be the one to fill the gap.

Release Date

A warrior battles a winged creature in Gods & Monsters

MYTHICAL CREATURES: You can battle a multitude of legendary beings from Ancient Greek mythology in Gods & Monsters.

Although Gods and Monsters was initially set to be released on the 25th February 2020, it has unfortunately been pushed back until late 2020.

A move many fans saw coming due to how little Ubisoft has revealed about the game so far.

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The decision behind this delay appears to be due to Ubisoft wanting to increase development time for Gods & Monsters as well as Watch Dogs Legion and Rainbow Six Quarantine.

This is disappointing news for those looking forward to the game but it will hopefully mean that more time and effort will be put into making this game as expansive and high quality as possible.


Just watching the trailers that have been released so far for this game, you are immediately struck by how beautiful the graphics are.

It has a graphical style that harks back to Kid Icarus games in its endearing cartoonish style.

The game is set against the backdrop of Ancient Greece and is mixed with a lot of exciting elements based on the mythology of the time.


A slew of mythical characters also make an appearance, such as Medusa, Cyclops and the Gorgons. What could be better than that!?

The hero

Ubisoft revealed on their website that the player will play as a customisable forgotten hero who sets out on an epic quest to save the Greek gods. This promises to be an exciting adventure filled with many quests along the way.

Your customisable hero will be given the task of saving the Greek gods due to the maniacal Typhoon, the most fearsome creature in all of Greek mythology. To achieve this, your hero has been granted a variety of special powers to fight enemies along the way.

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It will be interesting to learn more about how you will interact with characters and enemies along the journey, but until gameplay footage is released it's unknown at this point in time.

Open world gameplay

Amazing statues of titans in Gods & Monsters

BEAUTIFUL SETTING: Gods & Monsters' open world is beautifully crafted.

It can't hurt for Nintendo to have another epic open-world adventure game. The success of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Elder Scrolls: Skyrim on the Nintendo Switch proves that it's something Nintendo Switch fans are crying out for.

The open-world setting of Gods & Monsters will be named Isle of the Blessed, a picturesque land taken over by fearsome mythical creatures.

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In Gods & Monsters, the open-world nature of the game will no doubt allow for many possibilities.

From what little is known about the game so far, it has been revealed that alongside the combat there will be a variety of tricky puzzles to solve and a multitude of side challenges.

How Ubisoft will pull this off has yet to be seen, but going off their work on Assassin's Creed Odyssey, there is no doubt going to be a lot of entertaining side quests to keep players engaged and enthralled.