Nintendo: Future is bright for Switch despite PS5 & Xbox Series X launch

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The launch of Next Gen gaming has sent shockwaves across the gaming world.

But whilst many feared for the impact on Nintendo and their line of consoles, it appears that the arrival of the PS5 and Series X has boosted their sales.


October Sales Soar

Whilst you would've thought most people would be putting their hard earned cash towards a shiny new Next Gen console, there were many who opted for Nintendo's handheld machine.

nintendo switch

The Nintendo Switch first became available back in March of 2017, but despite being three and half years old, the demand is clearly still there for handheld gaming.


In excess of 735,000 units were sold during October, which is quite sensational given the high profile competition it was coming up against.

Nintendo Switch Remains on Top

Including October, the Nintendo Switch has been on top of the best-selling console's list for 23 consecutive months according to NPD, a record since the collection of the data began.

With the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S now available in a number of countries across the world, it could be a streak that is set to come to an end in the near future.

xbox ps5 next to each other
NEXT GEN! Could either the PS5 or the Series X take over that top spot?

But even if that does happen, there is no questioning that the Nintendo Switch is a console that will continue to sell units for the foreseeable future.


The developers know the value in the Switch too.

The likes of Pokemon Sword, Pokemon Shield, Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin and Just Dance 2021 have all been released on the Switch in November, whilst there are plenty more titles still to come before the year is out.

Pokemon Sword
POKEMON! The Pokemon franchise will always bring in new players

Nobody does handheld gaming quite like Nintendo, and that is highlighted in the figures.