Pokemon Scarlet and Violet - how to evolve Charcadet into Ceruledge

Ceruledge is one of the coolest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet additions

Ceruledge is one of the coolest Pokemon Scarlet and Violet additions

When exploring the vast landscapes of the Paldea region in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, you will likely come across many exciting new Pokemon.

One of the most popular and cool Pokemon found in generation nine, however, has to be the new fire and ghost type knight by the name of Ceruledge.

While many players want to get their hands on this Pokemon, however, the path to getting your hands on one can be a little bit complicated. Here's a breakdown of how to do it.

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Step 1 - Choosing The Right Game

Choosing Pokemon Violet is a necessary part of getting a Ceruledge
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The first thing you need to know is which game Ceruledge is available in and whether or not it is possible for you to even catch one, to begin with.

Ceruledge, is the Violet-exclusive evolution for Charcadet, meaning that if you have Pokemon Scarlet, you're unfortunately out of luck outside of any friends of trades.

Step 2 - Catch a Charcadet

Catching a Charcadet should be the first step on your journey to getting a Ceruledge
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Now that you've confirmed that you can get your hands on a Ceruledge, you'll first need to get your hands on its pre-evolved form, known as Charcadet.

This small and fragile fire type can be quite a rare find but one of the earliest locations you can get him is amongst the rocky landscape of the South Province (Area Three) directly East of the main city of Mesgoza.

Charcadet can be found at this point East of Mesgoza
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At the point shown in the image above, you should be able to come across a level 14 Charcadet without any issue, letting you capture one and add it to your team fairly early in the game. We don't recommend using it much as its fragile and weak nature makes it a bit of a liability but it is worth the wait for the eventual Ceruledge.

If you have the time, getting yourself a Charcadet with a physical attack-increasing nature is your best course of action here as it will make your Ceruledge a true weapon and asset to your team.

Step 3 (Optional) - Complete Titans

Completing great titans with Arven will let you get access to more Miraidon abilities
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While completing the Path of Titans quests with Arven isn't necessary, the ability to swim is needed to get to one of the two areas needed to find the specific Pokemon needed to collect Ceruledge.

Beating the flying-type titan is a guaranteed way to get this ability to swim and will allow you to reach the city of Alfornada by traversing the rocky path and cave off the western coast of the Paldea region, the more consistent place to complete step four.

Step 4 - Defeat/Catch 10 Sinistea

Sinistea is a generation eight Pokemon you can find in Scarlet and Violet
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To get your hands on Ceruledge, you're first going to need to find and either defeat or catch Sinistea to get your hands on the crafting component "Sinistea Chip".

To get Sinistea, you will have to travel to one of two locations around the map.

The first location to find Sinistea in Pokemon Violet
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The first of these locations that Sinistea spawn in is the "East Province (Area Three)", specifically, in the area surrounding Zapapico's East-side.

To find Sinistea here, simply head North from the Eastern Pokemon centre and climb atop the small hill to your East right outside of town. Sinistea can be found at around level 28 here but the number seems to be a little low.

This is the easier but slower of the two ways to get the materials needed to trade but for those who want a quicker but more challenging approach, option two will solve your issue.

The second Sinistea location is surrounding the area of Alfornada
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For those that completed our options step three, travelling to the area south of Alfornada is a much more consistent spawn for Sinistea but these Sinistea will be around level 40, far more challenging than the Zapapico spawns. If you can handle them, you will be far more likely to get your results quicker but we still think Zapapico is the better option for convenience.

Step 5 - Trading in Zapapico

Find this person on the Eastern side of Zapapico to get an item for Ceruledge
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Once you have gotten your 10 Sinistea Chips, fly (or walk) back to the Eastern side of Zapapico and look for an NPC standing in front of a fountain. When you approach them, they will ask you for a trade.

Approach them and accept the trade to receive the Malicious Armor and then use the newly acquired item on your Charcadet to get yourself a Ceruledge for your squad.

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