Pokemon Unite Patch Notes: Dragonite Release & Big Balance Changes

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Pokemon Unite is live! Dragonite is finally available along with the Dragon-Type Pokemon. Trainers have received a big amount of balance changes.

Here are the full Pokemon Unite patch notes and all of the new content coming for the Holidays.


Release Date

Pokemon Unite went live on December 19, 2021, at 11 pm PST. This patch marks the official release of Dragonite.

Dragonite Price

Trainers would obtain the Dragonite License in the Unite Battle Committee Shop for 10000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems.

Pokemon Unite Patch Notes

Pokemon Unite's newest patch is packed with a lot of changes. Another Nerf session for Zeroara and Eldergoss. The recently changed Gardevoir and Tsareena joins the nerfed club.


Pikachu and Slowbro are buffed again, Decidueye DMG is buffed, but his evolution is still very high. Let's see how is the meat affected, considering Dragonite also joined the battle

Pokemon Buffed


  • Basic Attack
    • Increased DMG of the boosted attack increased.


  • Oblivious
    • Slowbro Store up lost HP for a short time.
    • Hitting an opposing Pokemon with a move, Slowbro restores its HP using the stored-up HP.
    • Decreases the opposing Pokemon's Sp. Def for a short time.
  • Scald
    • Damage increased from 2042 to 2163
      • Effects on Slow Bro increased
      • Effects on opposing Pokemon increased
  • Amnesia+
    • Upgrade text changed to Increased Sp. Def


  • Spirit Shackle
    • Cooldown reduced from 9s to 7s
  • Leaf Storm
    • Damage increased from Short: 605/Long: 731 to Short: 740/Long: 885
    • Cooldown reduced from 8s to 6s
    • Range Increased
    • Push back effect increased.
  • Leafage
    • Damage increased from Short:372/Long:447 to Short: 428/Long: 513


  • Blaze Kick
    • Effects on Cinderance strengthened.
    • Cinderace will now jump to the specified direction after use.
  • Feint
    • Cooldown reduced from 13s to 11s.


  • Thundershock
  • Damage increased from 481 to 519
  • Volt Tackle
    • Damage increased from 1480 to 1575
  • Unite move: Thunderstorm
    • Unite Move charge rate increased

Nerfed Pokemon


  • Starlight Recital
    • Shield Effect Weakened.
    • Duration of shield effects on the user decreased.


  • Spark
    • Damage dealt decreased from 1545 to 1230
  • Wild Charge
    • Fixed the bug where KO-ing Pokemon will interrupt the move.
    • Camera action adjusted.


  • Moonblast
    • Cooldown lengthened from 6s to 7s.
  • Psyshock
    • Damage dealt to opposing Pokemon decreased from 4362 to 3918
  • Future Sight
    • Fixed camera movement bugs.


  • Triple Axel
    • HP recovery has been reduced.
    • Fixed a bug where Tsareena's stats were not scaling correctly as it evolves

Pokemon Tweaks


  • Petal Dance
    • Effects on the user weakened.
  • Solar Beam
    • Cooldown reduced from 10s to 9s.
  • Sludge Bomb
    • Range increased.
  • Unite Move: Verdant Anger
    • Splitting seeds Area of Effect adjusted.


  • Petal Dance
    • Damage dealt decreased from 1518 to 1034.
  • Cotton Spore
    • Damage dealt increased from 1332 to 1537.
      • Cooldown reduced from 7.5s to 6s
      • Duration of effects on opposing Pokemon increased.
      • Effects on the user strengthened.


  • Hypervoice
    • Fixed a bug where Sylveon's Sp Def would decrease when it uses a move.

We finally received the long-waited adjustment to the matchmaking system, we did not have exact details, but TiMi Studios announced matches will be more balance based on player skills.