Pokémon GO September 2022 Community Day: Date, Shiny Odds, Bonuses, Research & More

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Pokémon GO has a community day for Roggenrola in September
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The next Pokémon GO community day, is on its way, encouraging millions of trainers across the globe to get out there and catch some new and exciting Pokémon for their research.

Each month usually has one community day dedicated to a featured Pokemon, with a variety of bonuses and event-specific research and evolution moves to let players level up, and earn a bunch of stardust and candy.


Here is everything we know about this month's Community Day.

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Pokemon Go Community Day Date & Time

Pokemon Go Community Day for September 2022 has yet to be fully Revealed

This latest Pokémon GO community day was officially announced alongside the dates for both October and November along with some other event dates we've yet to hear about.

The upcoming community day will be taking place on Sunday, 18 September 2022 and will start at 11:00 am local time, ending at 2:00 pm local time.

This means that wherever you are in the world when it hits 11:00 am for you the community day will begin, allowing you to complete everything the day has to offer.


*UPDATE* September 2022's Featured Pokémon is Roggenrola


Despite many fans speculating that either a Kalos starter or Pokémon related to the Legends Arceus game would be getting it's time in the sun, the September community day for Pokémon GO will feature Generation 5's Roggenrola

Introduced as a semi-reboot variant to the iconic Geodude line, Roggenrola has become a bit of a cult favourite in the Pokémon community, mostly due to its final evolution Gigalitha and its striking design.

Community Day Special Research

Pokémon GO community day special research ticket

Every community day also comes with a special set of research tasks that can be purchased from the store for $1 USD / £0.78.


The storyline will have four stages, each with a set of tasks for you to complete and be rewarded for. Rewards will include your standard items like Pokeballs, stardust and berries but will also include some encounters with the featured Pokemon of that month.

There is usually an ongoing set of free daily challenges for you to complete as well, often having a global effort to unlock some additional bonuses.

Community Day Event Bonuses

Pokémon GO Community day bonuses

Below you can find the list of expected event bonuses for the upcoming community day. This will be updated when more information is revealed

  • 3x Catch Stardust
  • 2x Chance For Trainers Level 31 and up to Recieve XL Candy on Catching
  • 2x Candy For Catching Pokémon
  • Lure Modules Activated During The Event Last For 3 hours
  • Incense Activated During the Event Will Last For 3 Hours
  • Snapshot Encounters
  • One Additional Special Trade Can Be Made (Max 3)
  • Trades During the event and up to 5 hours after will require 50% less Stardust

Community Day Shiny Odds

A look at the shiny Roggenrola from the Pokémon GO community day.

According to research done by The Silph Road, the shiny odds for Pokémon GO community days is 1 in 25 encounters which makes coming across a shiny Pokemon quite likely.

This doesn't mean that it's guaranteed, however as it's still down to chance but if you're lucky, you should find yourself with a nice new shiny for your collection.

Roggenrola is also a shiny that many players will want to be getting their hands on as well, with Shiny Gigalith being one of the most popular shinies in all of Pokémon due to the lovely blue colour of the crystals