Spirit of the North Switch: Release date, gameplay, trailer, graphics & everything you need to know

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The stunning Nordic puzzle adventure is set to frolic it's way onto the Nintendo Switch this Spring.

Spirit of the North was first released in November 2019 on other platforms by Infuse Studios, and its exquisite beauty and unique style of gameplay transfixed many.


And now it is coming to Nintendo Switch.

Release date

An exact release date for the Switch game is not yet known.

Spirit of the North is confirmed for 2020, but we will have to wait for the exact date.


The trailer for the Switch version of the game is now out and to say it has caught our attention is an understatement.


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Here is everything you need to know about the Nordic spiritual epic blessing the Nintendo Switch this Spring!


Spirit of the North is a third-person adventure game inspired by the stunning scenery of Iceland.

As the title of the game suggests, the game is heavily based on Nordic folklore, especially folklore from Iceland, making for a very unique and intriguing game.

spirit of the north switch release date

THE CUNNING FOX: Explore the world as a red fox


Another important element in the game's uniqueness is that it has no dialogue or narrative, allowing for an extremely unconventional gameplay experience. This allows the player to fully immerse themself in the beautiful and mystical world of the game.

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Unfortunately, there is no gameplay footage of the Nintendo Switch version that has been released yet, but gameplay from the PS4 version of the game shows off how the gameplay of Spirit of the North will look on the Nintendo Switch.

As the gameplay shows, the player plays as an ordinairy red fox whose story becomes connected to the guardian of the Northern Lights who is a female spirit fox.

The player then solves various puzzles along the way whilst speculating the meaning of a lost ancient civilisation and taking in the scenery along the way.


If one defining element of this game had to be chosen, it would be the setting.


The gorgeous Nordic setting lets you explore beautiful mountains, frozen tundras, and glaciers as you follow a mysterious scarlet trail that paints the sky.

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THE RED MIST: What mysteries lie beyond the mist?

It's very clear that this is a game where you can play for hours and get lost in its beauty, similarly to games like Skyrim and Okami.

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The peaceful tranquility of the game maybe off-putting for gamers more into fast-paced action, but for those looking for a visually stunning and immesive experience Spirit of the North is the game you've been waiting for.