Witcher 3 Switch: Update improves graphics & cross-save ability

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The Witcher has become a cultural phenomenon thanks to Henry Cavill's Netflix series, with sales and played hours of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt going through the roof.

The 2015 RPG was a smash-hit at the time, and it finally came to the Nintendo Switch last year. Now, it is getting an update.


Graphics improvement

new witcher 3 graphics switch

FRESH LOOK: Witcher 3 looks better on the Switch

The update includes a a big visual improvement, along with a lot of graphics options to tweak the settings. Bloom, depth of field, chromatic aberration and improved anti-aliasing can all be changed.


Many of these features are present on the other console versions but were trimmed back to port the game to the Switch.


Geralt in the Witcher 3

SWITCHER: Take on villains & monsters as Geralt of Rivia


This update also includes the ability to cross-save your game.

That means you can do a few quests on the Switch, save it, and pick your game up later on Steam from the same place you left off on the handheld version.

This is perfect given the popularity of The Witcher 3.