*LATEST* Overwatch 2 Ramattra - new hero guide, abilities, playstyle, and more

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Ramattra is the newest hero to join the Overwatch 2 roster and he is set to be a huge part of the game's lore.

As the community gear up to join the resistance of the Null Sector, we are all waiting for more information.


There hasn't been much official information about the abilities of Ramattra.

However, some leaks from reliable sources have revealed some potential abilities of him.

Interestingly, Ramattra is the first Overwatch hero to have a duality to him with a different mode.

So, let's take a look at a rough guide on how to play Ramattra, his abilities, and more from Overwatch 2.

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*LATEST* Ramattra Full Abilities Revealed in Gameplay Trailer

Ramattra full kit has now been officially revealed in his first gameplay trailer.


The leaks seem to have been pretty accurate and his playstyle is definitely different from other heroes.

However, read up on his official abilities here.

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Ramattra Leaked Abilities in Overwatch 2

Leaks from @KydroTV gave us some information into what we should expect his abilities to look like.

This is what he suggested the abilities may be...

  • The Nemesis Form - Ramattra turns into a bigger hero who also uses melee punches as weapons instead of his staff. His punches also pierce through shields.
  • Unnamed - Ramattra creates a small field area which slows enemies and also brings flying enemies to the floor.
  • Unnamed - Ramattra uses a shield on himself or allies. This has a different ability when in his Nemesis form.
  • Ultimate - This ability changes Ramattra into his Nemesis Form which packs more of a punch.

We have not yet heard much information about his ultimate.

However, a developer, Jurgen-Fyhrie, at Blizzard stated this about his ultimate ability...

"You will be able to hear it, and you’ll want to get away from it,"

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Ramattra Playstyle

In Overwatch 2, the Omnics are a robot race which usually has a tanky nature about them.


Looking at heroes such as Zenyatta and Orissa gives a good example of what we mean here.

Ramattra's unique selling point is his flexibility as two tanks in one, a main and a flex/dive tank.

This means that his playstyle will be very flexible and depend on the situation that he is currently in.

The duality of this also may mean that he is pretty accessible for new players.

Additionally, this makes sense as he is being released pretty early into the Overwatch 2 development.