eFootball 2022 effectively OVER as first full update and mobile play parked for SIX MONTHS

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It's fair to say that eFootball 2022 has not gotten off to the best of starts...

Konami has just made a HUGE announcement regarding the first significant update and the mobile version of the game.

So, find out all the details you need to know below.

Mobile version POSTPONED for 6 MONTHS

The official eFootball Twitter account has made a HUGE announcement regarding the mobile version of the game.

The release of eFootball 2022 Mobile has now been pushed back AGAIN.

Rather than being released in Autumn 2021, Konami has now decided the game is not ready, and won't be made available to play until Spring 2022.

This could be another SIX MONTH wait for the mobile version!

Fans of the previous PES franchise have been incredibly disappointed with the new game, and this will only add to their frustration.

The mobile version was to provide some hope for the new game, but we won't be able to experience it for half a year now!

First major update PUSHED BACK until SPRING 2022

On top of the postponement of mobile play, we also won't see the new and improved version of the game until Spring 2022...

Version 1.0.0, which was scheduled for November 11, 2021, has been postponed for around six months, like the mobile version.

This was the first update where we were hoping to see some actual improvements to the game, rather than just bug fixes which Konami has listed in the latest patch notes for Version 0.9.1.

Konami has also announced the cancellation and automatic refunds of eFootball 2022 Premium Player Pack pre-orders, which included items that can only be used in-game after the version 1.0.0 update.

Version 0.9.1 bug fixes

A new update file (v0.9.1) is now available for football 2022.

This update only includes bug fixes and not improvements to other areas of the game.

The major bug fixes are as follows:

  • Some players are shown as a floating suit, or disappear entirely, in the pre-match cutscene.
  • Players' arms clip into each other in an unnatural manner during pre-match national anthem scenes and post-match victory scenes.
  • Objects, such as pitch-side cameramen, may disappear during goalscoring scenes.
  • The set piece taker may grab the ball in his hands when he is about to kick it during a corner kick.
  • Some players may suddenly disappear during a match.
  • The referee and players may start gliding around when idling before kick off.
  • Erroneous objects may be displayed during some goal celebrations. Specifically, objects that are close to the camera (and should be invisible) are displayed during the celebration.
  • Two or more balls may appear to be in play at the same time. One of the triggers for this is to check the replay from the Pause Menu during a match.

For the full list of bug fixes, head here.

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