eFootball: Changes set to come after poor responses

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When Konami announced a new football game, fans were excited about a game that could rival the behemoth that is FIFA.

The bonus was that it would also be free to play.

However, things started looking shakey when the initial launch was revealed to be more of a glorified demo version.

Shaky Start

Players were excited to get on eFootball, thinking a decent rival to FIFA was incoming.

However, once players had access to the game there was a lot of negative feedback, with much made around facial expressions.

This was acknowledged through Twitter, with an apology to fans and a plan to update the game throughout October.

If eFootball is going to battle it out with the big boys, changes need to be made soon, before too much negativity is thrown upon the game.

Stock Drops

Not only was it a disappointment to fans, but Konami has suffered the consequences.

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A plummet in share prices followed immediately after the game launch.

This could prove more of a push for Konami to get the game right, more so than fan reaction.

Money talks, and at the end of the day they are a company looking to make money.

Graphics Disaster

One of the biggest complaints from players has been about the graphics in the game.

In the build-up to release we were seeing images like this:

With such realism, eFootball looked certain to capitalise in an area FIFA had gotten away with ignoring for so long.

Yet when the game launched, people were greeted with grotesque faces.

Not only that but there were big glitches in the gameplay too.

Worth the wait?

A talking point has been the two-year development behind the game.

With so much time to develop eFootball fans were expecting big things.

The launch has seemed rushed, trying to coincide with FIFA 22 and even beat its release date.


It looks to have backfired, with bad publicity likely to turn players away from the game.

It would probably have been worth holding off slightly longer before launching and releasing a better quality game.

Konami has a lot of work to do to bring back fans who have been so let down by such a disappointing release.

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