eFootball 2023: When will Become A Legend be added?

eFootball Become A Legend

eFootball Become A Legend

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eFootball - the new free-to-play game from Konami - no doubt has plenty to offer. Replacing the PES series, this game has taken major strides forward in showing what can be achieved, without a hefty price tag.

However, fans of the preceding PES series have certainly started making noises about their wish to see some classic features return to eFootball, with Master League and Become A Legend the two main ones mentioned.

Become A Legend allowed you to create your own custom star and take them to the very top of the game, but the mode has been absent from eFootball so far.

Check below as to when you can expect to see the mode arrive in eFootball.

When will Become A Legend be added?

Right now, Konami hasn't confirmed any plans to re-introduce Become A Legend into the eFootball franchise.

Unlike Master League, Become A Legend hasn't been mentioned since the PES series was abandoned.

If Become A Legend is to return in the future, it would be a matter of years, not months, before we see the mode return.

What is Become A Legend?

Become A Legend was a popular mode included in the PES franchise.

It allowed you to fully craft a career for a custom player, or you could choose to play as a pre-existing star.

Much like FIFA's Player Career Mode, Become A Legend rose to prominence due to its depth and immersive features.

eFootball Become A Legend
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RISE TO THE TOP - Become A Legend allowed you to guide your player to the pinnacle of football

Not only were you battling on the pitch, but meaningful cinematics and off-pitch drama also made this mode feel far richer than what EA had to offer.

When eFootball was released, fans were disappointed that both Master League and Become A Legend were absent, but that could change in the coming months.

Master League Return Confirmed

Konami has confirmed that Master League is confirmed to arrive in eFootball sometime in 2023, which is much better than the silence we'd have regarding the mode prior.

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COMING BACK - Master League will return in 2023

The mode is confirmed to arrive as paid DLC in eFootball, with Konami departing from their free-to-play model in order to bring it back.

Right now, there's no confirmed price or release date for the Master League DLC - but we know it will drop in 2023.

The return of Master League could provide a positive sign for the return of Become A Legend, with the implementation of this mode potentially acting as somewhat of a Guinea Pig.

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