eFootball Update: New Game Mode arrives and it's not Master League

eFootball 2024 update

eFootball 2024 update

eFootball 2024 is well and truly up and running after its launch exactly three months ago today, and it's only just getting started.

The free-to-play title from Konami, which replaced Pro Evolution Soccer (PES), has taken big strides forward in showing what can be achieved without a price tag attached, and a brand new update just goes to show how serious the developers are about growing the franchise even further.

eFootball 2024 v3.2 update

A major update for eFootball 2024 has just been announced by Konami, who aim to "enhance the user experience and bring a new level of fun and excitement" to eFootball.

The v3.2 update is available now and includes a new game mode, Co-op Event Room improvements, Log-in mini-games, and more. Below, we'll talk you through each of the new additions, so let's get to it!

Gameplay improvements have been and will continue to be applied to eFootball 2024 throughout the season, but v3.2 provides one of the first major updates to the game since its launch, with a brand new single-player mode being introduced.

There's lots to get through, so without further ado, let's take a deeper look at what's included in the new eFootball update!

My League

My League is an offline game mode which will enable players to enter real-life leagues and compete against real-life teams one season at a time using their Dream Team. Users can add players on loan from the team they selected in the league, such as Arsenal in the Premier League, for example.

eFootball 2024 My League
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eFootball My League

Throughout the season, different weather effects and various new cutscenes will appear, including a special trophy celebration should you finish top and win the league. There will be no limit on how many times My League can be played, and users will be able to switch leagues once a season is completed.

The AI matchmaking system will help create a fair and well-balanced fixture list so you don't continuously face the best teams. Instead, you'll have one tougher fixture every four or five games, for example.

Unfortunately, there will be no manager creation or customisation in My League.

Co-op Event Room

Co-op mode has now expanded to allow players to go solo or join in alongside friends or strangers. Users will now be able to join with other solo players to create three-person teams, and they will also be able to interact in-game with the use of emojis, reacting to events in matches such as goals, shots, and tackles.

Between 7th-21st December, those who play Co-op mode will receive rewards including 4 x Skills Training Programmes to help develop their Dream Teams.

Log-in mini-games

When players load into eFootball every day, they will now receive a log-in bonus which can be earned by taking part in mini-games.

For example, you will be tasked with taking a penalty kick against the goalkeeper, and if you score, you will have completed the mini-game task for the day.

eFootball 2024 Log-in mini-games
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eFootball Log-in mini-games

The progress which players make when completing mini-games will be reflected in a step-by-step system, so if they score the penalty, they will move up the steps and claim rewards along the way before it is refreshed each month.

Player rewards include items that can help improve their Dream Teams or even gain them new players. If users complete mini-games for consecutive days in a month, they can also earn rewards such as draws for powerful Epic players.

New Skill type

Included in the latest update is a new skill that will make shots from attacking players even more dangerous. When using more than 50% on the Power Gauge, the Blitz Curler skill will allow for sharper and more controlled shots with vertical rotation on a player's dominant foot, increasing accuracy and finesse.

eFootball 2024 Blitz Curler skill
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eFootball Blitz Curler skill

New Booster type

Boosters is a new feature introduced to eFootball 2024 Dream Team which ultimately hands users the ability to enhance and improve the attributes of specific players, allowing them to perform beyond their potential and maximum ability.

In the v3.2 update, a new type of Booster is being introduced. The booster becomes more powerful according to the number of players in your Game Plan that fulfil a specific condition.

By registering more players in your Game Plan that fit the Activation Condition described in the Booster, the player in possession of the Booster will enjoy a better enhancement in their Abilities.

For example, if the Activation Condition is "J.League", the player in possession of the Booster will see a better increase in his Abilities the more "J.League" players are registered in the Game Plan.

The exact value the Booster will add to the player's Ability will vary according to the Booster, and the number of players needed to achieve the maximum value will also vary.

eFootball Championship

Alongside the update, Konami has confirmed the new format for the eFootball Championship tournaments.

Two events will be held in 2024: the eFootball Championship Open (in its usual format) and the eFootball Championship Club Event, which is the newest format.

eFootball 2024 Championship
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eFootball Championship

Club Events will see users from all over the world compete in-game to become the top fan for each of the participating clubs. To begin with, there will be online qualifiers for each region before all regional winners congregate for a final to decide who will represent the club in the World Finals.

The first Club Event, named eFootball Championship 2024 FC Barcelona, will begin on Monday, 11 December. Throughout the tournament period, there will be in-game rewards, such as special edition Big Time cards, as well as club merchandise for eFootball and football fans to enjoy.

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