PES 2018: All the Best Hidden Gems to Sign

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Looking for promising signings on Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Master League? Fear not, RealSport has your back. Trying to snap up any sort of talent from the big clubs is difficult and expensive, so you need to be looking further afield.

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With a host of invented clubs on PES, there are some superb signings to be had, as we look at the best hidden gems on the game. All the following players are aged in their teens and have an Overall Points Rating (OPR) between 79 and 74. Expect them to improve and become some of the best players in the world. 

P. Gurpegui

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First up we have a created player in the form of P. Gurpegui. The 19-year-old attacking midfielder plays for Targueral in the PLA League and holds a very useful 79 OPR. This should improve to around 81 in the next few seasons, so you could be looking at a future OPR of 84 or higher. To sign him, you will need a bid upwards of £10 million with his current salary £1.1 million. Gurpegui’s best stats include 85 low pass, 84 ball control and 83 dribbling. 

A. Bartual

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We have another created player in A. Bartual. The 18-year-old plays for Espionorte from Other Teams (Latin America). Aged 18, he holds abilities of 85 ball control, 85 ball winning and 84 low pass making up his 79 OPR. These should improve over the years, and we expect Bartual to surpass a rating on 81 within three seasons. £11 million should be enough to sign him, with a salary of £1.5 million. 

M. Teixeira

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M. Teixeira plays for Pabrowiestein who can be found under Other European Teams on PES 2018. Central midfielder Teixeira will cost you around £10 million and a salary close to £1.5 million for his 78 OPR, which should improve to 83 in the next three years. 82 ball control, 82 dribbling and 82 set piece taking are the 18-year-old’s best abilities. 

G. Melino

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G. Melino is 19 and is a useful attacking midfielder. The Colombian plays for Guidraeniale who come under the Other Teams (Latin America) section. Abilities of 80 ball control, 80 kicking power and 80 physical contact give him a 78 OPR which should improve to 82 in the next few seasons. A bid of just over £9 million should get your man with his salary currently £1 million. 

P. Lucienbonnet

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On PES United, a created club from the PEU League, we find P. Lucienbonnet. The right back is just 18, but has an OPR of 78, which could improve to a rating of 83 and beyond. The Cameroonian has stats of 85 stamina, 79 lofted pass and 79 curve which can be yours for around £8 million and a salary of £640,000. 

Alban Lafont

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Alban Lafont may not be a hidden gem for some, with the Toulouse goalkeeper one of the biggest talents in Europe. The France U20 international has already racked up over 100 appearances for the Ligue 1 club, and he would be a perfect signing for your Master League club on PES.

The 18-year-old has a 78 OPR which is expected to eclipse 80 within three seasons. For around £11 million and a salary upwards of £1.8 million you can get Lafont’s abilities of 88 reflexes, 87 goalkeeping and 86 clearing. 

Dayot Upamecano

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Dayot Upamecano made the clear move from Red Bull Salzburg to RB Leipzig in 2017 and became an important part of the Leipzig side last season. The Frenchman has made 49 appearances for the club already as they qualified for the Champions League and then the Europa League in their first two seasons in the Bundesliga.

France U21 international Upamecano will cost you around £10 million and a salary close to £1.5 million. The centre back has a 77 OPR which will improve to at least 80, with his best stats 85 physical contact, 83 speed and 83 jump. 

Malang Sarr

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Upamecano’s fellow Frenchman is Malang Sarr. The Nice centre back lines up alongside Upamecano for France U21s, and is another player set for a big future. 60 club appearances for the 18-year-old is very impressive, so don’t be surprised if a bigger club snaps him up in the next few years. 

Sarr’s 77 OPR can improve to 79 in the next three years, so his rating could end up around 83. You will need £9 million and a salary of £1.4 million to get his 82 header, 80 ball winning and 80 stamina. 

Tom Davies

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Tom Davies is emerging as an important player for Everton, with 70 games to his name, and next season could be one in which he cements a starting place. Aged 19, the central midfielder could soon find himself in the England squad, having played through the age groups from U16 to U21 level.

Davies’ 76 OPR will cost you around £9 million with a salary of £1.5 million. He should improve to a level of at least 82, with reaching 85 not out of the question. His best stats are 77 stamina, 77 explosive power and 77 lofted pass. 


Manuel Locatelli

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Aged just 19, Manuel Locatelli has two full seasons for AC Milan under his belt, racking up more than 60 appearances. The defensive midfielder has worked his way up through the Italian ranks from U15s to U21, and as the Azzurri rebuild after missing out on the World Cup, he could be in line for a senior call-up.

Locatelli has an OPR of 76, which should rise to 81 within three seasons. 80 ball control, 78 stamina and 78 low pass are his best abilities, which costs around £10 million and a salary closet to £2 million. 

More Master League Hidden Gems

Player A Pos Club Country OPR DEV V S
S. Berge19DMFOtherNorway7680£7.1m£850k
I. Sarr19LWFRennaisSenegal7583£6.4m£810k
T. Arnold19RBLiverpoolEngland7581£7.5m£1.3m
T. Fosu-Mensah19CBSouth NorwoodNetherlands7580£7.5m£1.2m
D. Zagadou18CBBorussia DortmundFrance7577£6.8m£980k
S. De Luca19RBFloskruleColombia7482£5.1m£530k
D. Rubio18AMFFloskruleColombia7481£5.3m£610k
A. Lookman19LWFRB LeipzigEngland7481£6.3m£1m
K. Gaona18SSMarribohuaUruguay7479£4.6m£360k
D. McDean18CMFFontana CitySingapore7478£4.6m£340k
A. Boix18CMFDuzaghaliaParaguay7478£4.7m£370k
Aidong Feng18CFHuangying QingshunChina7478£4.8m£450k
H. Fahd18RBQatorejanQatar7478£4.9m£480k
C. Quilliam18DMFSayramskalIran7477£4.7m£380k
B. Atkinson18SSKirksburgh CityIreland7477£4.6m£340k
M. Rabih18RBQatorejanQatar7477£4.9m£480k
K. Deech19CFWE UnitedSouth Africa7477£4.7m£400k
W. Farinez19GKMillonariosVenezuela7477£4.9m£490k
J. Puigcorbe19AMFCunturipaArgentina7477£5m£520k
P. Faria19SSQuertemoyoBrazil7477£5m£500k
A. McNish17AMFWE UnitedEngland7476£4.7m£400k
H. Yoshikawa18CMFAltiplano BunanJapan7476£4.6m£370k
H. Suda19DMFAltiplano BunanJapan7476£4.6m£370k
L. Kolomiets19LBGharnetovaUkraine7476£4.9m£460k
T. Mendonca19CFAruzutanqueBrazil7476£5m£500k
M. Wober19CBAjaxAustria7476£5.4m£660k

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