eFootball 2022 myClub: Everything we know about the popular game mode

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We think it's fair to say eFootball 2022 has not gotten off to the best of starts... but things could be looking up for fans of the Konami title.

Find out everything we know about the popular game mode, myClub in eFootball 2022 below.

Latest - myClub release date

The image below shows that the eFootball coins were scheduled to be usable on Thursday, 18 November, which means that MyClub was supposed to arrive on this date.

However, Konami has pushed the release date back...

efootball pre order bundle
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FALSE PROMISES - We'll have to wait a little longer for myClub

You can now expect mClub to be released in Spring 2022.

What is myClub?

myClub is, alongside Master League, has been Konami's most popular mode for years now.

The goal is to build your super team, using whichever players you like for each position.

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POLE POSITION - This image suggests Lionel Messi will be the first ever eFootball Cover Star

This will look quite similar to FIFA’s Ultimate Team (despite its differences) for comparison.

You compete online or vs the computor for game money (known as GP) to have better players/managers and renew your team’s contracts.

The more you play, the more experienced your players will be - which will result in higher stats.

Players have weekly condition rating updates - if they performed well in real life, they have an increased likelihood of performing well here (this was known as "Form" in Pro Evolution Soccer).

This makes things more challenging and interesting and allows for some diversity in the teams you face.

Mobile release date POSTPONED

The official eFootball Twitter account made a HUGE announcement regarding the mobile version of the game.

The release of eFootball 2022 Mobile has now been pushed back AGAIN.

Rather than being released in Autumn 2021, Konami has now decided the game is not ready, and won't be made available to play until Spring 2022.

This could be another SIX MONTH wait for the mobile version!


Fans of the previous PES franchise have been incredibly disappointed with the new game, and this will only add to their frustration.

The mobile version was to provide some hope for the new game, but we won't be able to experience it for half a year now!

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