PES 2022 Unreal Engine 5: Brand Manager speaks on Next Gen plans

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You may be aware that PES 2021 will just be a "Season Update" of PES 2020 - but did you know that PES 2022 is already in the works?

With Unreal Engine 5 on the way, expect some big things from PES and Konami in 12 months time.

Holding firm

Releasing PES 2021 as a Season Update is a risk for the team at Konami, but it is a move that has been celebrated by the community.

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SAME BUT DIFFERENT - PES 2021 will have a more than familiar feel to it

With Coronavirus putting a dent in development, and Next Gen on the horizon - it's a smart move by Konami to effectively re-release an award-winning title at a cheaper price.

They must back this up however, with a brilliant game on PS5 and Xbox Series X - and it looks like they may just do exactly that.

Unreal Engine Trailer

It's not much, but it's exciting to see what Konami comes out with next year.

The word from Konami

We spoke to Lennart Bobzien, PES European Brand Manager, on the development over the next 12 months, for PES 2022 and Unreal Engine 5.

He said: "We felt it was important to be transparent about the future of PES, but our focus, for the time being, is on PES 2021.

"Rest assured, our development team is working very hard on next-gen development, listening to fan feedback and we are looking forward to sharing more in the coming months."

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NEXT LEVEL - FIFA 21 will be improved for Nexe Gen

By that, perhaps we can expect some updates on Next Gen before the end of the year, and we can't wait to see Unreal Engine 5's capabilities.

"The Unreal Engine allows our development team to look at our game from completely different angles and gives the team more opportunities to bring PES to a whole new level," says Lennart.


"We will talk more about exact technical details at a later stage, but it’s worth stressing that we’re rebuilding our next-gen title from the ground up.

"This is an incredibly exciting time for the PES franchise and we’re doing all we can to make sure it’s something our players can be proud of."

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