What is PlayStation Stars?

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PlayStation is arguably the king of video games right now, with millions of gamers across the world making countless memories with either a PS4 or PS5 controller in hand. Later this year, those same gamers will be rewarded for their time with the newly announced PlayStation Stars.

But what is this new announcement? When will it arrive and how exactly will it work? Well here is everything we have on PlayStation Stars so far.

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Playstation Stars: What is it?

According to the official reveal via the PlayStation Blog, PlayStation Stars will be a loyalty program that celebrates gamers and gives them more ways to enjoy their favourite games and rewards them for doing so.


The service, which is set to launch later this year, is similar to the Microsoft rewards program that Xbox currently uses and gives players a series of quests that they can complete to earn points which can be redeemed within the service for a series of various different rewards.


The blog post suggests that the type of quests players can expect to find in the PlayStation Stars program includes a monthly check-in campaign where you need to play any game to receive a reward. There will also be a series of tournaments for players to win, the earning of specific trophies and even rewards for being the first player to platinum a game in your local timezone.

Completing these campaigns and quests will give players a variety of rewards but the main one that the service will be using is Loyalty points, a currency that can be redeemed in a catalogue to get prizes such as PSN Wallet funds and even select store items. PS Plus members meanwhile, will automatically earn points for any purchase on the PlayStation Store, similar to the points system used on Nintendo Switch.

The highlight of PlayStation stars appears to be the new reward referred to as "digital collectables". These collectables are set to be based on things that fans of PlayStation enjoy, such as figurines of iconic characters from games and other mediums as well as consoles and devices from PlayStation's past. Despite the concerning nature of the way these rewards are described, The Washington Post confirmed that these items aren't NFTs, an increasingly divisive item.