Drift21 Steam: New Update, Early Access & more!

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Drifting is a large part of the motorsport community, and it is only fitting that it should receive its own game.

This has happened in the form of Drift21, a game from ECC Games and 505 Games.

Allowing you to build and practice in your own drift car, the game is a must-have for all fans of driving sideways.

With a new update just released, let's take a look at the game now!

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Drift21 is the perfect game for all fans of burning rubber.

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COMING YOUR WAY: Drift21 is available on Steam Early Access now!

Having just come to Early Access on Steam, the game has slowly been making waves in the drift community.

For fans of motorsport in general, the game is a perfect addition to your desktop.

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The game even features a number of iconic Ebisu circuits, adding to game's wide appeal.

Recent Update

The most recent update for Drift21 made changes to the tyres.

With tyre choice being very important for going sideways, the devs have listened to the community and implemented a number of changes.

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SIDEWAYS ACTION: Drift21 is perfect for rubber-burning petrolheads

Diverse tyre types should now allow players to more easily match their tyres to their car.

The game has also seen a complete score system overhaul and changes to the UI.

These UI changes have added an inclinometer, which should help you control your car.

Further Update changes

The game has also seen other, more minor changes.

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YOUR WHEELS: The game features a number of popular drift cars

These include the addition of a new camera type, to help the player see their drift better.

In addition, more graphics settings have been added, letting the game run on more systems.

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Finally, Kiss the Wall events and Wall Tap events have been made simpler.