Fast & Furious Crossroads: Release date, gameplay, trailer, characters, cars, movie, heists, & more

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There are few movie franchises as successful or polarising as Fast & Furious. And now there is a game on its way.

Since the films feel like a video game come to life, it's not surprising that another game is coming out.

For those unaware, this won't be the first Fast & Furious game. Showdown, released in May 2013, to extremely poor reviews.


So what can gamers expect when this game hits? Keep reading to find out!

We have everything you need to know about the new Fast & Furious Crossroads game!

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Release date

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BOOM: You can expect the same chaos as the movies when the game drops

Fast & Furious Crossroads arrives in May 2020. A more specific release date isn't available just yet, but we hope to hear more soon.

It will be available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. There isn't currently a release on the Nintendo Switch planned.

Pre-order & price

You can pre-order Fast & Furious Crossroads at GAME and Amazon.

Both are listed at £54.99 and there are no special editions available.



The announcement trailer boasts all in-game footage.

This promises a true cinematic experience with the game. It also pulls no punches with the over-the-top stunts, vehicles, and action.

Then there are the characters. With voice acting from Vin Diesel and Michelle Rodriguez, both Dominic Toretto and Letty Ortiz feature, making it feel like another chapter in the Fast Saga rather than a spin-off game.


Around the well-known film icons is a new crew of characters. These as-yet unknown characters seem to be who you will play as.

Teaming up with the Fast crew for larger-than-life heists, races, and antics will be the name of the game.


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With plenty of cars, each getting their own Fast & Furious accessories, and more explosions than you can count, it looks like the gameplay will be something like a Need For Speed/GTA crossover.

Right now the only part of the gameplay announced is a single-player story mode, but a multiplayer mode is planned and should be revealed soon.

With racing and heists key to every Fast & Furious movie, the gameplay should be very similar.