V10 R-League's new format brings fresh challenges to teams

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Season 2 of the V10 R-League is on the horizon and will feature an expanded roster of 10 teams, including McLaren Shadow and R8G Esports.

The inaugural season saw plenty of on-track action and some amazing overtakes at stunning venues.

So how can things be spiced up going into the new season? With a format change of course.


Last year saw a trio of head-to-head races, a relay race, and then a full team race between the two teams that were battling out.

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This year things are a little different, and it should lead to even more fireworks!

Bye-bye head-to-heads

The first change is that there will be no more head-to-head openers. But just because these are removed, doesn’t mean there will be any less action.

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Now there will be two relay races and two team races to compete. But they won’t be on the same track...


Pick your poison

Rather than every team racing at the same location this season, every week teams will have the chance to nominate a “home” track for their half of the matchup from a pool of 5 truly iconic circuits.

However, their opponents will have the opportunity to veto a location, so no team will be able to just dominate at one circuit all year.

The track selection process will be as follows:

  • Away team vetos one track
  • Home team selects their track
  • Home team vetos one track
  • Away team selects their track
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The matchup will then be contested as follows:

  • Home relay race
  • Home team race
  • Away relay race
  • Away team race

The creation of “home and away” legs for matches should see plenty of added strategy, particularly later in the season when teams have begun to show a preference for what tracks they want to race on.

Of course, these changes mean that a whitewash score will now be 4-0 rather than 3-0, and makes those dropped points all the more costly.


Grid order for the relay races will be determined by who picked the venue, with the away team getting the advantage before the lights go out.

For team races there will be a 10-minute qualifying session that will determine the grid order. That gives drivers very few opportunities to get it right, so the pressure will be on!


More on the line than ever before

Season 1 saw a huge £100,000 prize pool up for grabs, but Season 2 is bigger for a reason.

The prize pool for Season 2 is £120,000. That means the decisions on track selection, preparation, and driver lineup is more crucial than ever!

How to watch

Season 2 of the V10 R-League kicks off in April.

Fans can tune in on BT Sport in the UK, ESPN in America, and StarzPlay across the Middle East. ESPN will be delivering the V10 R-League to more regions than ever before, as they expand broadcasts into Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Oceania.

Make sure to follow the V10 R-League on your favourite social media platform for the latest news and highlights.