Doktor's Curse Weekly Challenges Guide: What do you need to do for them?

Ubisoft's tactical shooter is no stranger to a seasonal event and the Doktor's Curse event has returned this year to see out the spookier month of October. Here's everything you need to know about the weekly challenges that are coming alongside the Doktor's Curse event this Halloween.

WEEK ONE - Doktor's Curse Weekly Challenges

At the moment, there are only two Weekly Challenges out there for you to complete - thankfully, they're not too intensive either. We expect these to be updated and added as the Doktor's Curse event continues, but for now... Here's what you need to do:

  • Monster Hunting
    • Eliminate 2 Monsters in the Doktor's Curse Event
  • Fearless
    • Win 3 Rounds in the Doktor's Curse Event

As you can see in the image below - which is taken from Ubisoft's official event page - it looks like you'll be able to get Doktor's Curse Collection packs and an event-limited weapon skin for tackling these challenges in-game.

Siege Doktor's Curse Weekly Challenges
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WEEK ONE - These ones are nice and easy, right?

The Doktor's Curse event is Rainbow Six Siege's Halloween event and this means that it's going to last three weeks, concluding on November 2nd.


During the event, you'll be able to get your hands on a selection of event-themed cosmetic items and play the Doktor's Curse event's Hide and Seek LTM. This mode pits a trio of Exterminators against a group of Monsters in a race against time to eliminate them. Exterminators only have access to Sledge's Sledgehammer - a modified version of it, anyway - and Monsters have a few tricks and traps to counter.

It's a glorified game of cat and mouse played on a spooky variant of Siege's Theme Park map. If you're looking for a break from Siege's standard format, this might be the perfect thing for you. Grab your friends and get to Monster hunting, Operator!