Best Astro Turf Boots 2023

Someone in blue tracksuit bottoms and white socks wearing blue and white astro boots on an artifical surface.
Credit: Nike

Selecting the best astro turf boots for artificial grass surfaces can prove to be quite a task, given the abundance of choices available in the market. Prominent brands such as Nike, adidas, and PUMA dominate the scene, leading to a wide array of options that might seem overwhelming at first glance.

However, acquiring a high-quality pair of astro footwear is crucial for maintaining stability on the often slippery and unforgiving surface, with the best boots within this category not only enhancing traction, but also contributing to improved mobility on the field. So, if you regularly play on artificial grass, astro turf boots are a must-have.

We've therefore set about making your search more straightforward by rounding up the top options, taking into account size, features, price, and, of course, user reviews. Just look at our list of the best football boots if you need a little more insight into how we make our selection.

Whether you're looking for a laceless pair, like these adidas Predator Accuracy 3 Turf shoes, for a clean, uninterrupted strike, or you're after something a little cheaper, like these Sondico Strikes, our list has you covered. Let's get into it...

Best astro turf boots

  1. Nike React Phantom GX Pro TF
  2. adidas Predator Accuracy 3 Turf
  3. Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Academy
  4. Sondico Strike
Nike React Phantom GX Pro TF product image of a red and black astro turf boot featuring a white midsole.
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Credit: Nike

1. Nike React Phantom GX Pro TF

Best overall astro turf boots

Up first we have the sleek Nike Phantom GX Pro TF. First up, the colourway helps the shoe stand out, combining black and white with bright pops of red. How they look isn't going to change how you play though...

No, when you look past the stylish exterior, you find the shoe's feature set is just as impressive. With an expanded NikeSkin touch zone powered by engineered mesh, you can bring your feet even closer to the ball for better control while dribbling and passing in wet or dry conditions. You get the best of both worlds in the sense that the upper is soft and almost knit-like, while the contact zone inside the shoe is heightened for an even better touch.

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Nike hasn’t ignored the need for comfort either, as this shoe has an asymmetrical heel design that promises optimal comfort as you walk and sprint across the artificial pitch. This is due to the soft elements in the heel making the trainers easy to break in. The tender heel zone also assists with reducing skin irritation and pressure on the back of your foot, without compromising stability and overall structure.

So with comfort, control, and speed all covered, we'd say the Nike Phantom turf boots are an excellent all-round pick.

adidas Predator Accuracy.3 Turf product image of an all-black astro turf boot with a knitted collar.
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Credit: adidas

2. adidas Predator Accuracy.3 Turf

Best laceless astro turf boots

Next up, we have the adidas Predator Accracy.3 trainers which if they don’t really grab your attention at first glance, as their core black colourway keeps them fairly low-key, then their feature set definitely will.

The laceless architecture is the main attraction here as it facilitates precision passing and shooting at the highest level. You see, the laceless coated textile upper includes high-definition texture across its strike zone, which helps maximises power and accuracy behind every ball contact.

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The boot also features a rubber outsole, creating a stable movement environment as the underside of this shoe is built to offer maximum traction when twisting and turning on the pitch.

Their laceless closure system also makes the shoe easy to slip on and get into gear, which adds to them being a great fit for players who don’t like the extra hassle of lacing up their boots. So, when all you want to do is play, make sure you consider these adidas trainers.

Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Academy product image of a black astro turf boot with a blue and grey sole unit and knitted collar.
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Credit: Nike

3. Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Academy

Best astro turf boots for speed

Need more speed? The Nike Mercurial Superfly 9 Academy trainers will have you moving rapidly across the turf. Now, Nike has gone the extra mile to help speedsters move even faster on the pitch by developing a unique Zoom Air unit. It sits above the outsole and provides an additional level of spring underfoot that helps players hit top speed on the pitch.

This is a great feature for wide players who like to use their trickery to get past opponents with turns of pace, or strikers who need speed to get to the ball ahead of defenders.

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Nike has also placed emphasis on creating a secure feel by utilising Flyknit material to wrap around your ankle, with the stretchy fabric providing a better lockdown around the heel. Performance testing also played a pivotal role in this design element, as Nike conducted multiple wear tests on hundreds of different athletes in order to arrive at this sort of construction.

One of the most important things for a player who utilises pace is having a barefoot feel. Nike delivers here as well, with the upper fitted with NikeSkin, a soft and flexible mesh material linked together by a thin coating. This should really give you a confidence boost when it comes to beating your opposition on pace on the pitch, thus making them a great pick for fast-paced play.

Sondico Strike product image of a black astro turf boot featuring white Sondico branding.
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Credit: Sondico

4. Sondico Strike

Best budget astro turf boots

At first glance, the black and white design of these Sondico Strike astro turf boots doesn’t leave much to the imagination for prospective buyers. Many look for flashy colours when it comes to purchasing footwear of this type, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how well these shoes perform for a fraction of the price of some of the competitors.

Most importantly, they’ve been crafted with a quilted and stitched vamp for exceptional ball control, while the perforated and cushioned insole supplies comfort. The trainer also features a foam midsole compound that helps absorb impact every time your foot lands, reducing the risk of injury, to some degree, giving your joints a little extra longevity in the game.

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A tight touch is really important to have on an astro pitch too, whose dimensions are usually smaller than its natural grass counterpart. Sondico has considered this, with a real importance placed on keeping the ball glued to your feet as you play with the minimalist and grippy upper.

Overall, it's a very solid option, especially considering the incredibly inexpensive price tag.

PUMA FUTURE Match TT product image of a bright blue astro turf boot featuring orange and white details.
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Credit: PUMA


Best astro turf boots for wide feet

Last but not least, we have these PUMA FUTURE Match TT boots, featuring a build that we feel is tailor-made for players with slightly wider feet.

First and foremost, the FUZIONFIT technology embedded into the boot adapts to the shape of your foot, thus providing extra space when needed. This proprietary adaptive compression technology locks down your foot as well, working in combination with micro-perforated heel padding to create more explosive movements on the pitch.

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What’s even more impressive is how PUMA have managed to design this shoe to cater to different elements of the game. Whether you’re a passer, a finisher or a runner, the engineered 3D textures at key contact zones are optimised to enhance ball grip and control for various aspects of performance.

It's hard to pick faults here. Their build and the technology PUMA integrates into the design help make these trainers some of the best options for matches on artificial turf.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Now before you get your wallet out, we’re going to answer a few queries you might have regarding this type of football footwear.

Can astro turf boots be worn on grass surfaces?

Of course! You can comfortably wear astro turf trainers on hard natural grass surfaces as they’re built to handle such pitch conditions. It's important to note though that you shouldn’t expect the same level of traction firm ground boots provide. Therefore, don't rely on them for competitive matches, especially as you're unlikely to be allowed to play without studs or moulds in the first place.

Are astro turf boots worth it?

Overall, astro turf boots are definitely worth the financial outlay. On a personal level, I wear this type of footwear instead of standard football boots as they make me feel nimbler on artifical surfaces.

Now obviously, this experience will vary from person to person, but the lower profile stud layout of these shoes is a considerable plus point that many casual players, such as myself, manage to take into account.

However, there are also potential downsides to astro turf boots. One major drawback is their limited versatility. While they excel on artificial turf, astro turf boots may not perform as well on natural grass or other surfaces. If you regularly play on a variety of field types, investing in multiple pairs of specialised footwear might be necessary, which could be less convenient and more costly.

Therefore, whether astro turf boots are worth it depends on your specific needs and circumstances. If you frequently play on artificial turf surfaces, value enhanced grip and durability, and can justify the investment in specialised footwear, astro turf boots could indeed be a valuable addition to your sports gear. However, if you primarily play on natural grass or other surfaces, or if you're looking for a more versatile option, you might want to weigh the pros and cons carefully before making a purchase. As with any sporting equipment, it's important to assess your individual requirements and preferences to determine whether astro turf boots are the right choice for you.

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