Best Equipment For The Ultimate Football Training Session: Our Top 10

The best equipment for the ultimate football training session should help you improve your football skills and your fitness.

Perhaps you've been playing FIFA 22 and have been inspired to take to the pitch and practice, If so, then some of these amazing accessories may be of interest.

Whether you're looking for something to track your stats, like this STATSports APEX GPS Tracker, or searching for a ball built for training, like this Mitre Impel, we've got you covered with this list.

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Best Equipment For The Ultimate Football Training Session

Best Football For Training - Mitre Impel

Best training equipment Mitre product image of a white ball grey arrow details
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Image Credit: Mitre

We featured the Mitre Impel as one of the top balls for training in our best footballs list so it'll probably come as no surprise we're featuring it again here as, without a football, you can't train.

Mitre boasts the Impel is a highly durable football that is excellent at retaining air after you pump it which is key when completing long training sessions with it.

Some of the features that help make this ball so durable are its canvas outer layer which should be able to withstand a number of high impact shots, and its soft foam lining designed for cushioning and protection as you strike the ball.

All in all, this relatively inexpensive football is a great option to take to practice your skills and shooting with.

Best Football Boots For Training – adidas Copa 19+

Best football training equipment adidas Copa19+ product image of a singular black and fluorescent yellow boot
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Image Credit: adidas

Again, this is another product we featured in a previous list of best football boots, but we think they'd make a great option to train in as well.

They have a lot to live up to donning the classic Copa name, but these premia laceless, leather boots should do the name justice as they have been designed to combine both quality and comfort in one shoe.

If you're a striker looking to practice your shooting, then being laceless means the Copa 19+'s offer a much smoother area to hit the ball which will likely result in a much cleaner, uninterrupted strike.

Moreover, being made from leather, these boots should be highly durable which is ideal for training on multiple nights a week.

Best Fitness Training Set – Mitre Football Training Kit

Best football training equipment Mitre product image of a range of kit including cones, agility ladders, and hurdles
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Image Credit: Mitre

Football isn't all about your technical ability with a ball; you also need to be quick and agile like Kylian Mbappe in order to be a top player.

This is where the Mitre Training Kit comes into play as it features a number of items to help you create an effective, agility-intensive training session.

The kit includes 6 training hurdles to help build your explosive power, 10 cones as well as 40 dome-shaped cones to help you run a variety of speed-based drills, and 2 agility ladders designed to develop your quick feet.

On the whole, the Mitre Training Kit should be a great option to help you plan out and diversify your training routine.

Best Football Pump For Training – SPORTBIT Ball Pump

Best football training equipment SPORTBIT product image of an orange football pump
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Image Credit: SPORTBIT

One of the most frustrating things to happen whilst practicing is for your football to become flat which is why it is important to carry a pump with you in your top gym bag whenever you train.

A key reason as to why this pump stands out from the crowd is that it has been designed using a unique soft needle plug system that helps prevent the needle from bending and therefore deflating your ball.

If something were to happen to a needle, the SPORTBIT comes with 4 spares which should make it reliable and therefore a great option to take to training.

Best Training Equipment For Improving Reactions – BlazePod Standard Kit

Best football training equipment BlazePod product image of a set of light-up cones
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Image Credit: BlazePod

The BlazePod's are a highly versatile bit of kit that should help you improve your fitness and reaction times to get you ready to take on a full game.

In short, BlazePod's are advanced cones that feature powerful RGB LEDs with 8 colour options on top that light up for you to then chase down and touch before running to the next light.

They come with a few handy design features which help make them ideal for football training.

These features include rechargeable ion batteries with up to 12 hours of operation, Bluetooth smartphone pairing of up to 40m, and a water-resistant outer shell to keep them working even during cold and wet winter sessions.

Best Stats Tracker For Training – STATSports APEX GPS Tracker

Best football training equipment STATSports product image of Oxlade-Chamberlain, Maguire, Sterling, and Foden wearing the STATSports vests
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Image Credit: STATSports

If you're looking to take your training sessions more seriously and want to track your progress, then the STATSports APEX GPS Tracker might be for you.

Approved by FIFA themselves, the STATSports are vests that can be worn during training to track distance covered, speed, sprints, heart rate, and more which is key to improving your physical ability and to see what kind of training is punishing you to your limits.

The vests come with the Athlete Series App where you can compare live data with friends and teammates which can be used to compete to help push each other further during practice.

Ultimately, the STATSports are a high-end product that should provide useful data surrounding your training so you can see where you need to improve physically.

Best Training Equipment For Free Kicks – FORZA Football Free Kick Mannequin

Best football training equipment FORZA product image of 4 yellow free-kick wall mannequins
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Image Credit: FORZA

If you're looking for a way of practice your set-piece technique, then FORZA Football Free Kick Mannequins might be your answer.

They are designed to imitate the wall made out of players you typically see in a real match so you can practice free kicks with an added sense of realism.

The FORZA Mannequins are designed to be highly durable as they're made out of heavy-duty PVC so you shouldn't need to worry about hitting and breaking them with the ball.

All in all, in a dead-ball situation, the FORZA Mannequins are a great option to practice with.

Best Training Equipment To Practice Volleys – Crazy Catch Football Rebound Net

Best football training equipment Crazy Catch product image of a green rebound net
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Image Credit: Crazy Catch

The Crazy Catch Net is designed to give you the perfect rebound so you can practice volleys, half-volleys, and your control by yourself.

It comes with 2 sides, one for rebounding smaller footballers and the other built for Size 5's so should suit players across all ages.

Whether you're at home or on a pitch, the Crazy Catch Net has been built to be easily transportable meaning you can take your football training anywhere you go.

Best Goal For Training – QUICKPLAY Kickster Academy Football Goal

Best football training equipment QUICKPLAY product image of a quick-build goal
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Image Credit: QUICKPLAY

With the objective of football being to score more goals than your opposition, you'll likely want to practice your shooting, but to do that you'll need a goal to shoot at.

The QUICKPLAY Goal has been designed to be both portable and easy to set up, with QUICKPLAY suggesting it can be done in just 2 minutes making it ideal for practicing with wherever you go.

Moreover, QUICKPLAY's high-tension technology should give the goal the ability to deform and instantly return to shape when directly hit by the ball, reducing the likelihood of you making a hole in the net no matter how hard you strike it.

Ultimately, a goal is a key element to a football game, so make sure you have one, like this QUICKPLAY Net, ready to train with.

Best Water Bottle For Training – Sundried Water Bottle

Best equipment for football training Sundried product image of transparent bottle with red silicon lid
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Image Credit: Sundried

Keeping yourself hydrated is essential for performing to the best of your ability throughout an entire training session which is why you'll need a top water bottle to hand whilst you practice.

This is another product we've featured before in our best water bottles list, but we feel it would be a great option to take to football practice as it is made out of Sundried's shatter-resistant, BPA-free Tritan polymer meaning it shouldn't break if struck by a ball.

Moreover, it comes with a silicone lid which should prevent leaking meaning you can even run with this bottle and not have to worry about its contents going everywhere.

On the whole, the Sundried Water Bottle, with its 750ml capacity, will likely help keep you hydrated throughout a tough training session.

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