Best Jordan 3 Colorways 2022: Top Picks From The Latest Designs

Trying to figure out what the best Jordan 3 colorways are can be a little challenging given the wide variety of designs and collaborations released as of late.

In fact, ever since Tinker Hatfield's legendary silhouette debuted in 1988, Nike has continued to release new and updated iterations year upon year, resulting in hundreds, if not thousands, of different colorways in total.

However, we've decided to select what, we believe, to be some of the standout designs from Nike's more recent additions to help you find the perfect pair of sneakers to add to your collection.

From retro remakes of classic colorways, like the "Racer Blue" 3's, to outstanding collaborations for everyday wear, like the Jordan 3 x Fragment's, we've rounded up the very best right here.

We've also highlighted a few upcoming Jordan 3 releases for you to mark in your diary which we'll keep updated to make sure you stay in the loop with all the latest sneaker news.

Best Jordan 3 Colorways

Best All-Round Jordan 3 Colorway - Air Jordan 3 Retro "Cool Grey"

Best Air Jordan 3 colorways "Cool Grey" product image of a pair of light grey sneakers with red and orange details.
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Credit: Nike

After originally arriving in 2007, the "Cool Grey" 3's made a return in 2021, but stuck close to most of the classic colorways' beloved details.

Firstly, you get the same tumbled, grey leather dominating the sneakers, plus the usual elephant print around the mudguard dressed in grey once again in keeping with the original design.

There are, however, a few hints of color to contrast, namely the bright orange eyelets and red Jumpman logos on the tongues and heel counters.

Interestingly, the original "Cool Grey" release was one of the first sneakers to get Nike's lifestyle treatment, meaning the shoes debuted with accompanying apparel.

All in all, we feel a colorway as iconic as the "Cool Grey" 3's is well worth a place on our list.

Best Retro Jordan 3 Colorway - Air Jordan 3 Retro "Racer Blue"

Best Air Jordan 3 colorways "Racer Blue" product image of a pair of white sneakers with blue and black details.
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Credit: Nike

There have been a number of great Retro releases, one of which we've already covered, but we think the recent remake of the "Racer Blue" colorway is a real standout.

It features the same OG-inspired color blocking from 1988 releases, but this time utilizes a white color scheme with bright blue details around the midsole, eyelets, collar, and Jumpman logos.

It's also worth noting you get a much darker elephant print with a pronounced crackle pattern across the mudguards which contrasts the white base effectively.

Ultimately, the "Racer Blue" 3's are, in our opinion, one of the most aesthetically charming Retro's released, which is why we've included them in our list.

Best Looking Jordan 3 Colorway - Air Jordan 3 "Pine Green"

Best Air Jordan 3 colorways "Pine Green" product image of a pair of black sneakers with green details and grey underlays.
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Credit: Nike

Judging the best-looking Jordan 3 colorway is tricky as everyone has different tastes. However, we feel the "Pine Green" 3's come with a simple design that almost everyone can get behind.

The sneakers are made from black-coated nubuck leather which gives these 3's a more distinct and unique look right off the bat.

You then get 'Pine Green' accents dressing the Jumpman logos and midsoles which, we feel, works well with the light grey layers across the tongues, inner linings, and elephant print mudguards.

On the whole, the "Pine Green" 3's utilize a great color scheme to complement the vintage silhouette superbly.

Best Jordan 3 Collaboration Colorway - Air Jordan 3 x A Ma Maniére

Best Air Jordan 3 colorways A Ma Maniére collaboration product image of a pair of sail coloured sneakers with burgundy details.
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Credit: Nike

Atalanta-based boutique A Ma Maniére has a strong partnership with the Jordan brand which is why we recently saw its Air Jordan 1 colorway release not too long ago, plus another Jordan 2 collaboration in the works.

However, the Air Jordan 3 x A Ma Maniére was the first of its kind and is definitely up there as one of the best collaborations around.

The upper is constructed using off-white tumbled leather and accented with light grey suede throughout in favor of the usual elephant print. You also get hints of burgundy around the midsole to add a darker element to the design.

All in all, the Air Jordan 3 x A Ma Maniére is a great example of what can be achieved when luxury fashion combines with the expertise of Nike in sportswear.

Best Every Day Jordan 3 Colorway - Air Jordan 3 x Fragment

Best Air Jordan 3 colorways Fragment collaboration image of a pair of white sneakers with black mudguards.
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Credit: Nike

If you're searching for a pair of Jordan 3's to wear every day, then this Air Jordan 3 x Fragment collaboration may be the colorway for you.

Hiroshi Fujiwara's brand took some of the most beloved details of the Jordan 3 and altered them slightly to produce a design that will make you stand out to sneaker fans despite looking fairly simple at first glance.

For example, the elephant print mudguards are gone and replaced by a black line that circles the shoes in their entirety.

Overall, the simple two-tone black and white color scheme are what we like most about these sneakers, which is why we believe they're an excellent choice for everyday wear.

Best Upcoming Jordan 3's

Despite being a nearly 35-year-old design, Nike continues to produce new Jordan 3's to this day. With that being said, here are some of our ones to watch over the coming months.

Air Jordan 3 Desert Elephant

Upcoming Air Jordan 3 colorways "Desert Elephant" image of a pair of black sneakers with cream accents and brown, elephant-print mudguards.
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Credit: @fxxkvlogvi

New images have emerged of the upcoming "Desert Elephant" Jordan 3's which come dressed in a natural, almost earth-like colour palette that combines black leather with Fossil Stone accents and brown, elephant-print overlays.

The release date was originally scheduled for 30 April; however, more recent reports suggest a June 2022 arrival is more likely.

Make sure you check back in with us to find out more as and when further information is revealed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Jordan 3's

With so many different styles of Jordan 3's available, you may have a number of questions about them. Don't worry though, because we're here to clear up a few of the most common queries.

Are Air Jordan 3's Comfortable?

We've previously covered whether Jordan's are comfortable in a general sense and, in the said guide, we mention that Jordan's, including the 3's, come with Nike's Air technology in the midsole for added cushioning which, in turn, should improve comfort.

However, to ensure your 3's are completely comfortable, we believe it's important to get the right fit.

We'd recommend leaving about a finger's width of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe as this will make sure your sneakers are bending in the correct place as it should align to the natural bend of your foot.

Do Air Jordan 3's Run Big?

In continuation of the previous query, it's important to know whether Jordan's run big in order to get the right size for maximum comfort.

Generally speaking, Jordan's are said to fit true to size for everyday wear, including the 3's.

With that being said, you may find going a size up to be beneficial for playing in if you've got slightly wider feet as this should ensure your feet remain comfortable and supported, without feeling too restrictive.

If you're still unsure, then Nike often has a handy size guide to help you determine which is the right size to go with.

Do They Still Make Jordan 3's?

As seen in this list, the Jordan 3 is still being manufactured to this day despite the original silhouette first debuting in 1988.

Not only is Nike creating new and unique designs, either off its own back or as part of a collaboration, but the brand is also remaking some of the classic colorways from previous years, hence some Jordan 3's don the 'Retro' title.

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