Best Jordan For Basketball 2024

A Jordan in red with a white and black sole, white Jordan branding on the side, and mesh details.
Credit: Nike

A Jordan in red with a white and black sole, white Jordan branding on the side, and mesh details.
Credit: Nike

The best Jordan for basketball can take your game to the next level, providing you find the right pair for you. We've got your back though with this list, where we've shifted the focus from style to performance, delving into the realm of top-tier basketball shoes that Jordan is renowned for.

Since their 1985 debut, Jordans have been synonymous with exceptional basketball footwear. From retro releases to cutting-edge innovation, the brand continues to push boundaries, infusing technology and style into every design. And it's not just about nostalgia; Jordan stays ahead of the game by crafting incredible basketball shoes loaded with performance-enhancing features.

With a staggering lineup of 38 Air Jordans and a range of signature models like the Why Not .6? and Luka 2, choosing the right pair can be overwhelming. Take, for instance, the Jordan Tatum 1, a standout for its remarkable lightweight build, rivaling some of the best running shoes available.

Therefore, we've sifted through reviews, and considered pricing, design elements, and the innovative technology that sets these shoes apart from the competition to make our selection. This list isn't just about the looks – it's about finding the Jordans that can truly elevate your game. Without further ado, let's dive into our top picks for the best Jordan basketball shoes available now.

Best Jordans for basketball

  1. Air Jordan 38 - best overall option
  2. Jordan Why Not .6? - a great pair for outdoor games
  3. Jordan Zion 2 - a top mid-top option
  4. Jordan Luka 2 - great low-top alternative
  5. Jordan One Take 4 - a budget-friendly pick
Air Jordan 38 product image of a white and black high-top sneaker featuring a clear sole and red details.
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Credit: Nike

1. Air Jordan 38

Best Jordan for basketball overall

Throughout the years, the Jordan brand has consistently delivered an impressive array of sneakers, each with its own unique charm. However, when we shift our focus to basketball performance, it's impossible to ignore the latest addition to the Jordan family – the Air Jordan 38.

This shoe stands out as one of Nike's most technologically advanced basketball offerings to date. It incorporates innovative X-Plate technology, drawing inspiration from Michael Jordan's legendary on-court footwork. The X-Plate seamlessly integrates a radial herringbone traction pattern, a full-length Zoom Strobel unit, and Cushlon 3.0 foam, delivering unmatched comfort, support, and exceptional energy return where it's needed on the court.

In their dedication to maintaining a lightweight design, Nike has also introduced a unique backless embroidery element. Additionally, the shoe is constructed using a minimum of 20% recycled materials by weight, embracing sustainability. This eco-conscious approach not only benefits the environment but also adds to the overall appeal of the shoe, ensuring that it not only elevates your on-court performance but also makes a positive contribution to our planet.

All things considered, the Air Jordan 38 represents the zenith of Air Jordan basketball footwear, considering all facets of performance and design. It would be remiss not to include this extraordinary model here as a result.

Jordan Why Not .6? product image of a volt yellow synthetic leather and Ripstop sneaker
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Credit: Nike

2. Jordan Why Not .6?

Best Jordan for outdoor basketball

Indoor courts are one thing, but when you take the game outdoors, you need a pair of shoes that can adapt to the change of surface. Fortunately, the Jordan Why Not .6? is up to the challenge.

They are Russell Westbrook's signature model, and, as a result, come packed with cushioning and traction to match his speed and control on the court.

More specifically, you get large-volume Zoom Air units in each shoe to give greater energy returns. You also get a durable herringbone rubber outsole that wraps up to what is essentially the midsole to give grip no matter where your feet are positioned.

With an upper made from synthetic leather and an airy Ripstop material, there are plenty of reasons why Russell Westbrook's sixth signature shoe is a top pick for outdoor games.

Jordan Zion 2 product image of a coconut milk, midnight navy, and lemon-coloured sneaker.
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Credit: Nike

3. Jordan Zion 2

Best mid-top Jordan for basketball

Historically speaking, high-top sneakers have been at the forefront of basketball. However, the last few years and decades have seen more and more NBA stars opting for mid and low-cut shoes instead as they give more freedom around the ankle.

If you're in this camp and gravitate more towards mids, then the mid-cut Jordan Zion 2 could be the ideal basketball shoe for you.

Aside from its collar height, the shoe features an incredibly large Air Strobel unit in the heel, plus Zoom Air in the forefoot to deliver lightweight cushioning that should also help to absorb any shock felt from the court.

For added security, the shoes also feature an adjustable strap along with reinforced sidewalls to keep your feet from slipping around inside your shoes. This should also deliver a tighter lock-in, which, in our opinion, makes them an ideal pick for basketball. If low-tops are more your thing though, check out the Jordan Zion 3 instead.

Jordan Luka 2 product image of a black low-top featuring dark purple and teal details, including speckles in the midsole.
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Credit: Nike

4. Jordan Luka 2

Best low-top Jordan for basketball

Speaking of lower-cut shoes, the Jordan Luka 2 stands out due to the speed it can bring to your game, all while allowing unrestricted movement around your ankle.

To counter the low-top design, it features a sturdy cage that wraps around the entire upper for 360-degree support. The intention is to keep you securely locked in, no matter which direction you take.

Expanding on this, the sneaker comes with a flexible plate that runs up the lateral sidewall for additional stability, complimented by a firm foam carrier. You also get Formula 23 foam in the midsole to keep you comfortable and to generate greater energy returns each stride you take.

A wedge of cushioning has also been added to the midsole to press against the medial sidewall and keep everything securely in place, even when attempting to break your opponent's ankles. It's considerations like these that make this an excellent Jordan for basketball in our opinion.

Jordan One Take 4 product image of a black, grey, and university red sneaker.
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Credit: Nike

5. Jordan One Take 4

Best budget Jordan for basketball

The Jordan One Take 4 looks to be one of the best budget basketball shoes on the market. So, if you're looking for a pair of Jordans to play in, then the One Take 4 is a great option to consider to upgrade your on-court footwear for less.

The sneaker is, once again, designed for Russell Westbrook, so comes with a ton of innovations to make it ideal for speed and instant changes of direction.

One particularly interesting feature is the outsole, which wraps up nearly to the midsole to give you better traction as you start, stop, and move from side to side to beat your opponent. They're also designed to keep your feet cool thanks to synthetic leather, ripstop, and mesh combining to allow air to flow in and out of your sneakers during a game.

With Zoom Air in the forefoot and a herringbone traction pattern as well, there's certainly plenty to like about the Jordan One Take 4 beyond its relatively inexpensive price tag.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With so many different Jordan basketball shoes on the market, you may have some questions about what makes each of them stand out. Don't worry though because we've answered some of the most commonly asked queries right here.

Why should you choose Jordans for basketball?

With so many great basketball shoe manufacturers out there, it begs the question, why opt for a pair from Jordan?

Well, straight off the bat, it's important to know Jordan and Nike have been making basketball shoes for a very long time.

Before the Jordan 1 debuted in 1985, Nike was already creating the likes of the Nike Blazer and Air Force 1 for on-the-court action, so already had a ton of experience in the field.

Over the years, Nike and Jordan have also shown a great deal of innovation to produce some of the best basketball shoes on the market. For instance, Formula 23 foam is one of the brand's more recent innovations and is designed to deliver a lightweight, responsive ride as touched on earlier.

However, Jordans do tend to be on the slightly pricier side compared to some of its competitors. But, it's worth keeping in mind there are a few relatively inexpensive options, like the Jordan One Take 4, which aren't quite as expensive as some of Jordan's flagship models.

Ultimately, though, the decision on whether to opt for Jordan basketball shoes or sneakers from another brand comes down to your own personal preference. If you're unsure, we'd suggest trying a few different pairs at your local sneaker store to see if Jordans feel most comfortable on your feet.

Do Jordan basketball shoes fit true-to-size?

You should find Jordan basketball shoes fit true to size according to Nike's handy size chart.

For a secure lock-in and control on the court, basketball shoes should fit relatively tight to your feet, but with enough room on both sides to keep you comfortable as well as protected.

Also, as a general rule of thumb, Clarks recommends you leave about one finger's width of space between your longest toe and the end of your shoes to ensure a comfortable, secure fit.

Make sure you check out our guide to measuring your shoe size right here to get you started when it comes to getting Jordans that fit just right.

Where can you buy new Jordan basketball shoes?

As touched on in our lists of the best places to buy Jordans and sneakers, our number one place to visit for new Jordan basketball shoes is the Nike store as Nike creates the entire Jordan collection.

We'd also recommend checking out the SNKRS launch page as it lists all of Nike's popular upcoming releases, including amazing Jordan and Nike collaborations, ahead of time just in case you wanted to plan ahead with your next Jordan purchase.

If for whatever reason the Jordan shoes you're after are sold out, then we'd suggest visiting resale websites like StockX or GOAT to pick up the sneakers in question. Both companies authenticate every sneaker purchase to ensure the shoes you're getting are legitimate.

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