Best NFL jerseys 2022/23: Our top picks for the season

Wondering what the best NFL jerseys are right now? We've got you covered.

Like some of the best NBA jerseys though, NFL uniforms rarely change between seasons, with teams maintaining their traditional colours more often than not.

However, with alternate jerseys and Color Rush kits to consider these days, there are still plenty of exciting uniforms to check out from the current crop of NFL teams going into the 2023 Super Bowl.

As a result, we've put together a list of what we believe to be some of the best uniforms in the league based on their designs and any historical influence and achievements behind them.

From Super Bowl-winning jerseys, like this Los Angeles Rams strip, to stylish Color Rush uniforms, like this Buffalo Bills kit, we've rounded up the very best right here.

We've also answered a few of the most commonly asked questions surrounding NFL jerseys to help you learn a little more about them before you make a purchase. So, without further ado, let's get into it...

Best NFL jerseys

Cincinnati Bengals Black Game Jersey

Best NFL jerseys Cincinnati Bengals product image of a black kit with orange tiger stripes on the sleeves.
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Credit: NFL Shop

We feel it's hard to argue against this Cincinnati Bengals jersey as being one of the best NFL uniforms in the league as it features both a great design and some excellent history to match.

For instance, the kit was worn by the team during the 2022 Super Bowl. While the Bengals may not have won, the team's overall performance in the jersey showed that the franchise might just win its first trophy sooner rather than later.

Design-wise, the uniform combines the Bengals' classic colour scheme with a modern twist as tiger-style stripes appear in orange across the sleeves to contrast the black backdrop

Ultimately, if you team this jersey with some of the best football cleats around right now, then you're bound to stand out on the field.

Los Angeles Rams White Alternate Jersey

Best NFL jerseys Los Angels Rams product image of a white kit with blue and yellow accents on the sleeves.
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Credit: NFL Shop

The 2022 Super Bowl was a spectacle, especially with Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, 50 Cent, and Mary J. Blige's halftime performance; however, part of the spectacle began when Odell Beckham Jr. and the Los Angeles Rams showed up in this amazing Alternate jersey.

The uniform features a light and bright colour scheme, combining a white base with blue and yellow accents across the sleeves.

However, the main reason this kit makes our list is that, as mentioned above, it was worn by the 2022 Super Bowl champions during their final victory.

As a result, we feel no list of the best NFL jerseys is complete without mentioning this Los Angeles Rams uniform.

Buffalo Bills Red Color Rush Jersey

Best NFL jerseys Buffalo Bills product image of a dark red kit with light grey and blue accents.
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Credit: NFL Shop

The Color Rush concept was first introduced in 2016 as Nike revealed new alternate uniforms for all 32 teams in the NFL to be worn primarily on Thursday Night Football.

However, the "Color vs. Color" gimmick was discontinued in 2018 after a mixed reception. Although the matchups ended, you still see the occasional jersey used to this day.

Out of the Color Rush lineup, we're a fan of this uniform as it features light grey and blue accents on top of a bright red background, offering a completely contrasting look to the team's usual blue and white colour scheme.

You may not get to see it much if at all this season, but that doesn't mean this Buffalo Bills Color Rush uniform is not a great NFL jersey.

New York Giants Royal Classic Jersey

Best NFL jerseys New York Giants product image of a blue kit with white and blue collar and sleeve accents.
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Credit: NFL Shop

This 1980-99 throwback New York Giants Classic jersey should be the ideal pick if you're looking for something a little more retro to add to your NFL uniform collection.

The kit sees New York wear its Royal Blue colours combined with a classic striping pattern on the sleeves and cuffs in red and white.

The jersey saw some serious success during its original run as well, with the Giants securing two Super Bowl titles just five years apart from one another.

All in all, we feel the New York Giants Classic jersey is a real standout uniform among the NFL throwback jerseys, hence its inclusion in our list.

New England Patriots Red Alternate Jersey

Best NFL jerseys New England Patriots product image of a red kit with white and blue accents.
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Credit: NFL Shop

The Patriots are one of the most successful teams in NFL history, having dominated the sport since 2001 thanks to Tom Brady and his legendary New England career from 2000-2019.

However, the team largely wore either blue or white during that time period rather than red which the team had donned previously.

In fact, the team last wore red in 2012 during an overtime win against the Jets. However, the red is back for 2022 and it's, arguably, better than ever.

We're excited to see the uniform return as we feel it's definitely one of the most well-rounded and best-looking jerseys in the league, so keep an eye out for it appearing on the field this season.

Frequently asked questions about NFL jerseys

While NFL jerseys rarely change, you may still have a few questions about their designs and how to buy them. Don't worry though because we've answered some of the most commonly asked questions right here.

Why do NFL jerseys rarely change?

Like with some of the best football kits, tradition is one of the main reasons why NFL jerseys are kept relatively similar; however, the uniforms do change more than you might think from time to time.

For instance, you only have to look at some of the throwback jerseys NFL teams wear these days to see that the designs do grow and adapt as time moves on. What often stays the same though is the overall colour schemes as these are embedded into the identity of each franchise.

There are also rules set in place by the league to restrict how often a franchise changes its colours and/or uniform without prior consent, thus restricting new jerseys from being released each year.

Where can you buy NFL jerseys?

One of our go-to places to pick a new football jersey is the official NFL shop. Here you can pick up the latest uniforms, including alternate, throwback, and Color Rush kits from every team in the league.

You can also find jerseys at Nike, the official uniform provider and manufacturer for the NFL.

Do NFL jerseys fit true to size?

According to Fanatics, NFL jerseys tend to fit a little larger than regular shirts, most likely due to there needing to be enough space to fit padding underneath. However, this may vary depending on the jersey type.

Moreover, it's recommended you size up your jersey if you plan on wearing clothes like hoodies or long-sleeve tees underneath.

How much is an NFL jersey?

NFL jerseys typically retail between $100 and $130, although, like some of the best soccer kits, this varies depending on its quality.

For instance, a game jersey tends to cost more than a legends uniform which isn't necessarily built for action on the field.

Jerseys are often discounted too once they become outdated with the launch of new kits at the start of a new season. Therefore, the price of an NFL jersey fluctuates depending on the shirt your trying to buy.

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