Best Vans Shoes 2024

Someone in grey socks featuring black Vans branding wearing a pair of white and black Vans Knu Skool low-tops.
Credit: Vans

Someone in grey socks featuring black Vans branding wearing a pair of white and black Vans Knu Skool low-tops.
Credit: Vans

When it comes to finding the best Vans shoes, you're absolutely spoiled for choice. Having initially debuted in 1966 as The Van Doren Rubber Company, Vans has a pretty extensive back catalogue of great sneakers to pick from.

That presents a bit of a problem; while the brand is still making the likes of #44 deck shoes, also known as the Vans Authentics today, which are arguably some of the greatest sneakers ever made, it has also been refreshing its collection of trainers with brand-new designs year after year.

This can be incredibly overwhelming to sift through, so we've decided to tunnel our vision and put together a list of the best Vans shoes released over the last year or so instead. In doing so, all of the shoes we've selected are far more readily available than some top-tier skate shoe classics released way back in the '70s, '80s, and '90s.

That being said, we haven't ignored the past because we've taken into account both old-school, iconic designs as well as fresh takes on classic models to make our selection, ensuring our list covers a wide range of styles and preferences. So read on to uncover some seriously great Vans sneakers to add to your collection!

Best Vans shoes

  1. Vans Knu Skool "Black White" - old-school with a modern twist
  2. Supreme x Vans Skate Era "Dollar" - a standout collaboration
  3. Mac Miller x Vans Authentic "Swimming" - yin meets yang with this collab
  4. Barbie x Vans Sk8-Hi Tapered Stackform "True White Pink" - injecting a bit of pink
  5. Haribo x Vans Sk8-Hi "Haribo Black" - an unexpected partnership
Vans Knu Skool "Black White" product image of a black Van low-top featuring oversized white details and midsole.
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Credit: Vans

1. Vans Knu Skool "Black White"

First up we have the Vans Knu Skool "Black White", a reissued model that pays tribute to the popular skate shoes of the '90s from one of the best sneaker brands around - Vans.

This revamped version embraces the era's love for extra-puffy footwear while maintaining Vans' signature style and durability. Crafted from sturdy suede, these low-top sneakers feature an exaggerated design with a generously padded tongue and ankle collar reminiscent of the original Old Skool style.

Remaining true to Vans' iconic aesthetic, the sneakers incorporate the timeless Vans Sidestripe, but with a twist. The Sidestripe has been reimagined into a larger, three-dimensional, diamond-shaped detail, adding to the chunky feel of the shoes.

Ultimately, the Knu Skool design seamlessly blends nostalgic elements with contemporary flair, making it an exceptional choice for those who seek a distinctive Vans sneaker.

Supreme x Vans Skate Era "Dollar" product image of a low-top Vans Era with a white midsole and dollar graphic all over the upper.
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Credit: Supreme

2. Supreme x Vans Skate Era "Dollar"

The collaborative efforts between Supreme and Vans have yielded numerous amazing releases throughout the years. However, among these amazing collabs, the Supreme x Vans Skate Era adorned with a dollar bill-themed design truly stands out as a leader of the pack.

This particular sneaker remains faithful to the classic Era silhouette, featuring the signature vulcanised rubber midsole in white, accented by a sleek black line around its perimeter. However, what sets this shoe apart is its captivating upper, which showcases an eye-catching all-over print of dollar bills.

Adding to this, the sneaker proudly displays Supreme branding stitched in white on the heels, while a vibrant red Vans-branded insole perfectly complements the tab adorning the back of the midsole.

All in all, this Supreme x Vans collaboration is excellent, deserving attention from anyone eager to expand their own shoe collections with one of the best Vans collabs on the market.

Mac Miller x Vans Authentic "Swimming" product image of a black pair of Authentics with white laces and sole, including Mac Miller branding across the midsole and a yin yang symbol on the toeboxes.
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Credit: Vans

3. Mac Miller x Vans Authentic "Swimming"

Introducing next a musical collaboration between the Mac Miller estate and Vans: the "Swimming" Authentic Vans. This special edition pays homage to the fifth anniversary of the iconic rapper's album, Swimming, and does an excellent job at it might we add.

In a delightful nod to the music, this shoe showcases the same Yin-Yang motif found on the toebox, which is prominently featured in Miller's Swimming and Circles album series. The phrase "Mac Miller 1992 Til ∞" graces the white vulcanized midsole, while traditional Vans branding adorns the heel.

The rest of the design stays true to the classic Authentic style, boasting a black canvas upper, crisp white laces, and a creamy interior. To top it off, this collaboration comes in a captivating gradient pink and purple shoebox, culminating in a truly remarkable joint effort that is a must-have for fans.

Barbie x Vans Sk8-Hi Tapered Stackform product image of a pair of white leather high-tops featuring a 34mm pink midsole and a hanging white and pink "B" logo.
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Credit: Vans

4. Barbie x Vans Sk8-Hi Tapered Stackform "True White Pink"

In the wake of the tremendously successful Barbie movie, Vans joined the excitement by introducing its own contribution: the incredibly unique Barbie Sk8-Hi Stackform shoes.

Infused with the essence of Barbie's character, the Tapered Stackform shoes showcase a delightful blend of sun-kissed pink hues and pristine white leather, elevating the classic high-top to new heights... quite literally.

These shoes feature a strikingly elevated midsole, soaring to a remarkable height of 34mm - a subtle nod, perhaps, to the symbolic high-heel shoes that hold significant meaning in the movie's narrative.

To complete this limited-edition collaboration, each pair is adorned with a Barbie-branded white and pink hang tag, adding a final charm to this excellent design. Without a doubt, these shoes are a must-have for fans of the movie, Barbie, or sneakers alike.

Haribo x Vans Sk8-Hi "Haribo Black" product image of a black high-top with a light blue collar and side teamed with white accents and writing.
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Credit: Vans

5. Haribo x Vans Sk8-Hi "Haribo Black"

One of the most interesting capsules released by Vans this year has been the Haribo Collection. While three sneakers were included, we're interested in the "Haribo Black" Sk8-Hi as it's one of the more subtle, easy-to-pair designs out of the three.

The Sk8-Hi sneakers feature the well-known Haribo tagline: "Kids and grown-ups love it so, the happy world of Haribo." This iconic slogan is prominently displayed in ten different languages on the white quarter panels, symbolising the brands' shared values of inclusivity and worldwide influence.

The rest of the shoe features the usual Sk8-Hi tropes, although there is one more nod to Haribo on the back. Stitched to the heels are multi-coloured gummy bears in reference to one of the brand's most popular sweets.

Ultimately, the Haribo collaboration, particularly this great high-top, is a triumph and would make for a great addition to any sneaker collection.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

With Vans being one of the biggest names in the sneaker space, there are usually a ton of questions asked about its shoes.

Don't worry though because we've cleared up some of the most common queries right here.

Where is the best place to buy Vans shoes?

The first place we'd recommend going to pick up a new pair would be from the Vans store directly.

If you're searching for a particularly limited and highly sought-after release though, then we'd suggest checking out the resale market at StockX if you miss out on the chance to pick up the sneakers whilst they're in stock.

For more information, check out our list of the best places to buy sneakers right here.

Are Vans shoes comfortable?

Generally speaking, Vans should provide a comfortable fit all day long thanks to their lightweight and breathable design.

In fact, Vans boasts its sturdy rubber soles and flexible canvas construction are what make its sneakers ideal for walking in as well as stylish.

That said, you must get the fit right if you want your Vans to be comfortable. Check out our guide on measuring your shoe size to help you find the right size Vans for your feet.

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