Red Dead Online: 3 things we want to see - deeper missions, more heists & more

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Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of the greatest video games ever made and its online multiplayer has kept us coming back the Wild West ever since its Autumn 2018 release.

The quality of the online experience is already top-notch, there aren't many that can match Rockstar's desert sandbox.

There is always room for improvement though, and when it comes to Red Dead Online, we can't wait for the future developments that will improve the game's already fantastic game-play.

How can Rockstar improve on RDR2's multiplayer before GTA VI's release?

More in-depth missions

One thing we can all agree on is there is no such thing as too many missions when it comes to Red Dead 2.

The game’s incredible narrative is such a major draw and there’s always room for more missions and subplots that can be explored.  

One way they could do this is to add a lot more missions to the online gameplay than there is currently.

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BULLY 2: Rockstar's biggest distraction?

Rockstar may have their hands full with the development of GTA 6 and the rumoured Bully 2, but a series of new online missions that explore the characters in more depth wouldn’t go amiss.

The series of missions they have currently are really entertaining but it is very short and doesn’t delve deep enough into the game’s impressive backstory and history of the characters.

first mission red dead online 2
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MORE MISSIONS: More missions need to be added.

Some missions that delve more into the events that led to us
locked up in prison at the start of the tutorial would be great and shed more
light onto the events.

The Moonshiners update added extra missions to the online game last year but once you had played them once, there was no great need to re-play them again which is a great shame.

red dead online moonshiners
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MOONSHINERS: A fantastic yet short new addition

Missions with more re-playability value would be a great
asset to the online game and there is endless material that Rockstar could use
to their advantage, such as weaving more of the main game’s storyline into the
online version. 

More heists

Another mission-related element Red Dead Online could do with more exploration is potentially adding more heists.

Many fans will agree that heists are easily one of the most thrilling and memorable parts of the game and lead to a lot of bounty to gain.

red dead online heists
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THRILLING HEISTS: What more could you ask for?

Red dead online currently has only one heist and to gain
access to it you have to go through the ‘bad path’ to play it.

A potential element Rockstar could do in the future to enhance the online gameplay is to not only add more heists but make them available on the game no matter what path you decide to go down.

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There are plenty of banks scattered across the Red dead landscape
so why not add some more heists to the game?

More customisation options

One element that always adds to a game’s experience is the
variety of customisation options available.

Rockstar’s other big online title GTA 5 has a variety of customisation options and gives the player a massive amount of freedom when customising the character and other elements within the game which has left some disappointed in comparison to Red Dead 2 online.

GTA5 Online customisation options.
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GTA ONLINE CUSTOMISATION: Red Dead could learn a thing or two.

Despite new items being added to the catalogue over time, one of the major complaints red dead fans have for the online game is the lack of customisation options within the game.

Red dead could always use some more options when it comes to outfits, weapons, gunbelts etc… to really enhance the gameplay experience.

Red dead online customisation options
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MORE OPTIONS: Red Dead could use more options to play around with

If Rockstar allowed for more customisation freedom, it could really allow for more freedom of expression rather than being limited to the same old ways of dressing and weapons.

Rockstar wants to keep the game accurate to the time period it's set in so the lack of customisation options makes sense when you keep that in mind, however, it would be great if more wiggle room were added regarding this.


All in all Red Dead Online is a fantastic experience and an endless thrill ride that can last hours and hours, however, it's still in its infancy in comparison to GTA 5’s online gameplay and could do with expanding the possibilities more.

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