Red Dead Online: How to switch your morality, move from honor and dishonor easily

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At the heart of Red Dead Online is an honor system that works out whether your character is a goodie or a baddie. Either is fine, but they open up different opportunities for players. If you are a good cowboy you will be asked to escort precious cargo, whereas if you have a bad reputation you might be asked to steal it instead.

Both options can be fun, but swapping between them can take time as it's a culmination of your activities in-game. But with this hack, you can speed things up.

You just need some help from Old Man Jones.

Finding Old Man Jones

red dead online old man jones
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HUNT HIM DOWN: It moves around but he will be somewhere

Old Man Jones is always seen on your map in Red Dead Online, regardless of server. His placement, however, is random, so you'll need to search the map until you find him, then hit Square/X to bring up the index.

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Switching morality

When you get there you’ll find his weird camp. To switch morality, start a conversation by walking up and holding L2/LT. You will see a prompt in the bottom right asking you to hold the Triangle/Y button to change your morality from honorable to dishonorable, or vice versa.

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This method does cost three gold bars, which can either be purchased in-game for real money or molded by collecting gold nuggets through completing in-game missions and activities. But it's not the only way to rework your reputation.

Other ways to switch


Visiting Old Man Jones is a quick fix, but as always – speed costs. If you don’t have gold bars handy, however, it's still possible to do it the old-fashioned way. If you want to become a good cowboy then act with integrity, help out and beat dishonorable posses when prompted, and spare leaders of gangs.

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Likewise, if you want to become a bad boy/girl then trample and murder NPCs around the world and kill some animals and livestock. Lucky for those with villainous intentions, it’s much easier to go bad.

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