Red Dead Redemption 2 Players are Holding Funerals For Red Dead Online

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With Red Dead Redemption 2's Red Dead Online mode officially being put to rest by Rockstar as they move onto GTA 6, many fans of the western alternative have decided to mourn the loss of their favourite game.

Here's all you need to know.

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Red Dead Online Players Are Holding Funerals For The Game

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The writing had been on the wall for Red Dead Online for quite some time now, with the last two years being marred with inconsistent content updates and expansions to keep the mode thriving.

The last expansion, titled "Blood money" was released exactly one year ago today with the online mode getting a slow and painful death since then as fans desperately tried to keep the game alive but to no avail.

The community are determined to not let this fully be the case, with the popular Red Dead Online fan page @RedDeadRDC announcing that July 13th is now the communities' day.

Red Dead Online communities have decided to make the 13th of July a sort-of memorial day for the game, with players across PC, PlayStation and Xbox all meeting up at the graveyards of Valentine or Blackwater to "pour one out" for Red Dead Online.

They also encourage players to share any photos or recordings they make of their gatherings and to share their fondest memories and experiences with Red Dead Online using #RedDeadFuneral.


While the community is hosting funerals, they don't want this to be it for Red Dead Online, with RedDeadRDC replying to a user asking about the events that they were planning on doing monthly community days for the game to keep the game alive, even if Rockstar have no intentions on doing so.

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