FlexiSpot Q8 8-in-1 Standing Desk Review - The Ultimate Premium Desk

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A desk is a very important part of any office setup, even more so in a post-pandemic world where the majority of workers have remained working from home.

As someone who meets the criteria stated above, when I was handed the opportunity to review FlexiSpot's brand-new, 8-in-1 standing desk, I simply couldn't say no.


I've been using the desk for the best part of a month now, and it's safe to say, it's a game changer.

Let's take a closer look at exactly what this premium desk has to offer.


Now I must admit, when the package arrived, I was worried that it would take a fair chunk of time and effort to assemble the desk. However, I couldn't have been more wrong.

There are three key components to the desk; two feet, two legs and then the desktop itself - which is made out of high-quality bamboo wood. There is also a cable management system which can be attached to the underside of the desk if you so desire. The only tool that you will require for assembly is an Allen key (which is included in the package).

The assembly process was quick and simple, it took two of us 20-30 minutes from start to finish. The biggest difficulty was lifting the desktop itself, which, at 140cm x 70cm, is a little heavy.

Given the mechanical nature of the desk, it does need to be plugged into a power outlet in order to enjoy the luxury of being able to raise your desk as and when you desire.


The first thing to note is that the Flexi-Spot Q8 isn't a subtle desk that will slide quietly into the corner of your room, it's a big piece of kit!

Flexispot Q8 Standing Desk

But what that said, the design is sleek. The bamboo desktop looks and feels very premium, whilst there is the option to select either a white or black design for the frame of your desk and the accompanying legs.

I opted for the latter as the design compliments my office setup, but you can't go wrong with either.



The main selling point of the desk is the dual-motor lifting system which allows you to adjust the height of the desk to your desired specifications, whether that be standing or sitting. The height is adjustable from 60cm to 125cm.

You can adjust the height of the desk via the two arrows that feature on the control system on the right-hand side of the desk. There is also the option to preset four different heights in order to save you the hassle of adjusting the height manually each time you wish to stand up or sit down.

There is also an anti-collision system built in, which means the desk will automatically stop moving if it detects any potential obstructions in its path.

Flexispot Q8 Standing Desk Wireless Charging

That isn't the only feature of the desk though, there is also a built-in wireless charging pad which is compatible with any mobile device that supports wireless charging as well as a USB and USB-C port in order to power your devices directly through the desk.

There is a draw built into the desk. You won't be able to store much in it as it is incredibly shallow, however, you will be able to pop your key bits of paperwork and a few wires in there for ease of access.


Pros & Cons


  • Incredibly straightforward setup
  • High-quality materials
  • Dual-motor lifting system
  • Aesthetically pleasing


  • High price point
  • The wireless charging pad gets incredibly hot


If you're looking for a premium desk, then you needn't look elsewhere.


The Flexi-Spot Q8 has everything that you need in order to make your working day as straightforward as possible, and on top of that, it looks good!

The price will undoubtedly raise a few eyebrows, but it is worth noting that this isn't being marketed as a budget desk It is a premium desk and a very good one at that.

If you're looking to purchase a FlexiSpot Q8 of your own, then you can do so via flexispot.co.uk