Flexispot E8 Standing Desk Review

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I'll be honest right from the off because when I was approached to try out the Flexispot E8 Standing Desk I was sceptical. I had heard about standing desks and considered the benefits of using one, but having just spent some hard-earned money on a Noblechairs gaming chair, why would I want to then stand to work?

As it turns out, that really didn't matter because I'm enjoying the best of both worlds now. When it comes to working from home, there may be no better option on the market than the Flexispot E8. Our model for the review was the 140x70cm Desktop in Maple with the Black Frame.

Flexispot will be holding their Black Friday sales between 26-29 November

Productivity Overload

One major struggle with working from home is comfort. Even with the nicest chair, desk and location, it can be tough. The beauty of the Flexispot E8 is the standing feature. Controlled through a simple to understand unit, you can raise and lower the desk at the simple push of a button.

You can also set up to four different height configurations which can be saved to either the 1, 2, standing or seated keys. Finally, there's a handy child lock feature which I've definitely benefitted from with a young child in the house who's very curious about the shiny new desk!

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I was taken aback by how productive standing to work can be. I understood the possible health benefits long before I entertained the idea of reviewing the Flexispot E8. It came down to personal stubbornness and overcoming somewhat of the ignorance I suffered from when it came to standing while working.

Initially, I made the mistake of trying to jump straight into standing to work for hours upon end and that was the worst possible approach. Once I balanced my time between sitting and standing, I felt the benefits truly grip me. Spending around 90 minutes swapping between standing and seated working was the perfect balance for me but it will come down to personal preferences on what you may find works best for you.

The Flexispot E8 will respond and suit all of your needs. Between the multiple reprogrammable settings or the live adjustment to make slight changes, it's a desk that can do it all. it's sleek and responsive and despite its weight and size, it never feels like it's a labour to use or adjust the desk.

Shipping & Assembly

The Flexispot E8 came shipped in three separate packages. Two boxes for the base and the desktop was packaged by itself. Everything was well protected and despite there being minor damage to the external packaging, nothing was damaged on the inside.

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Assembling the desk is certainly recommended to be a two-person job due to the weight of the base components but it can be done solo, just be prepared to sweat! Connecting the electronics, controls and concealing all the cables was simple and done in a matter of minutes. Overall, it took around 25 minutes to assemble to the desk.


The Flexispot E8 managed to convert me into a believer when it comes to standing desks and the practice overall. The value is incredibly good for the quality of the product provided and we really struggle to poke any holes in the service we received.

Having spent around a month working with the desk every day, I honestly would struggle to recommend any product other than the E8. That's not to say don't bother with any other model as you may be limited by the space you have available but if you can accommodate this model then it's well worth the cost.


RealSport Rating: 4.5 stars out of 5.

Our Flexispot E8 desk was provided as a free product to review.

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