Is PS Plus Required To Play Rocket Leauge?

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Rocket League is defined by its fast paced, destructive and hyper-competitive gameplay. At launch, the game cost the fraction of the price of a AAA title, yet arguably provided way more fun and longevity.

Fast-forward six years to 2021 and the game is still going strong as a free-to-play title. Like many other titles, getting rid of the cost as a barrier to entry really helped the game explode.

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Many people are left with a lingering question as to whether the game is in fact true free-to-play. This is because they are unsure whether or not a PS Plus subscription is required to access the online features.

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Does Rocket League Require PS Plus To Play?

No, Rocket League doesn't require you to have any additional subscriptions in place to access the game. This is also the case on Nintendo and Xbox. No additional subscriptions are needed to play Rocket League online


You can simply download the game for free from the PlayStation store and you're golden. No features are restricted if you do not have a PS Plus subscription.

There are sometimes additional perks or packs made available to PS Plus members for free, but these are never anything special and just act as an advertisement for the service more than anything else.

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