Rocket League is getting 2V2 tournaments in Season 4

Rocket League is finally seeing 2v2 tournaments arrive this season. As season 4 is just about to start, here's what you should know about these tournaments.

Latest - 2v2 tournaments out today

Season 4 is about hit us and that comes with tournaments, alongside some more important changes.

You can get the update downloaded now.

Season 4 Release Date

The current season of Rocket League is set to finish on August 10th. Rocket League doesn't like to leave their fans waiting in regards to their seasons so we will see Season 4 arrive on August 11th this year.

Make sure to get there early and updated beforehand to really take advantage of all the new features. Expect more updates right here as we get more news on the next season of Rocket League.

2v2 Tournaments

As announced by the official Rocket League Twitter, 2v2 tournaments will arrive on August 11th alongside season 4. This shows how the team listens to the community to bring brand-new features to the game. If there's something you want to see added next, make sure to let them know

In a follow-up tweet, Rocket League announced that 3v3 tournaments will happen at a different time to 2v2 ones, meaning a little more planning for the team. This should keep players a little more busy mid-season.

Ultimately, adding more things to do while you're working on your rocket pass is a great thing for the game. There's only so much time you can spend messing around in casual or competitive alone. New tournaments and community events are a great way to keep you invested in the game as it continues to grow. Make sure to keep an eye out right here for all the latest updates as we come into season 4 of the game.

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