Rocket League Fall 2019 Roadmap: Season 4 sneak preview, new cars, and more

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Photo Credit: (Psyonix) 

If you have been a fan of what Psyonix has been doing with their Radical Summer then you will be excited for their Fall 2019 plans! Psyonix in a blog post yesterday announced plans for prolonging Rocket Pass Season 3, a slight tease for what is to come in Season 4, the ending date of the competitive season 11, and what will happen for their next big season event! 

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Rocket Pass Season 3 and 4 


The Rocket Pass is almost through its third season, and to celebrate a successful season Psyonix has decided to extend the current season through to August 27th. While Psyonix will not be adding additional weekly challenges to the pass, they will allow you to earn XP towards leveling up towards those sweet end of pass rewards right up until Season 4 drops on August 28th. 

Speaking of the new season, Psyonix hinted at a "rugged" theme in the next season. As always, every season has a battle car body that you can upgrade and Psyonix gave us a teaser of the new battle car we will be playing to upgrade next season in the Radical Summer trailer. Of course that tease got Twitter detectives quick to work and sure enough many Twitter users were able to spot what looks like the new car during the blockbuster portion of the trailer. 

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