Rocket League Season 4 Rewards, Rocket Pass and challenges

Rocket League Season 4 is finally here, after tonnes of anticipation and even more rumours. With that comes new patch notes, tournaments and a rocket pass. Here's what you should know about your Rocket League rewards and how to get a hold of them.

Rocket League Season 4 Release Date

Rocket League Season 4 is set to go live on August 11th at 8 am PT / 4 pm BST

Though we don't know how long this will last, we can guess it will go on for a few months before the next season gets here


Generally, every week, we see brand new challenges that could task players with playing new modes, scoring a certain amount of goals or even complimenting their team. Tough one.

These will progress the current rocket pass and help you unlock some goodies for yourself.

Season 4 Rocket Pass & Rewards

Rocket Pass will give players over 70 tiers of items to grab that work like a little like the exp system. Each game, your rocket pass will grow a little and, as the pass levels up, you will earn brand new gear. After 70, you tend to unlock special variants of gear you've already earned, giving you something possibly unique to show off in-game.

There are two central tiers to the pass: Premium and standard. Premium is your paid tier with exclusive rewards and exp bonuses. Standard is free and comes with less rewards.


Though the standard costs nothing, the premium pass costs 1000 credits which works out at around $9.99 / £7.50. If you play it right and earn enough from the pass, you can almost get back this many credits through the tiers, not a bad investment if you really like Rocket League.

Expect all the latest updates and specifics as we find them for ourselves in season 4.

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