Rocket League Season 4 Tournament Rewards Detailed

Rocket League Season 4 finally arrived last month and with that came brand new theming, lots of new items and 2v2 tournaments. Alas, all things must come to an end and we're prepping for where Rocket League goes next. Here's what you need to know about Rocket League Season 4's tournament rewards.

Rocket League Season 4 Tournament Rewards

Now that 2v2 tournaments are in the game, you have even more of a reason to get in there for yourself to try them out. After a tournament takes place, you are awarded tokens for where you placed. You can then go on to spend those tokens to get unique crates with rare gear.

Getting those crates gives you the chance to grab something nice but it works on a rarity scale, with the rarer stuff being much harder to unlock.

Uncommon is the easiest and most common tier and tends to come with the worst looking items. They are surrounded by a white background. Rare is the second tier - holding cool items with a blue background. Very rare is shown with a purple background.

Import is some of the best stuff out there and can be found with a red background. The exotic category holds the second rarest gear and can be found with a gold background. Finally, encased in a deep purple is the rare market items - the most valuable you can find. Here is the breakdown of items:


  • Bush Hat topper
  • Toothpaste topper
  • Masamune: Yokai decal
  • Poppet antenna
  • Dominus: Asymmetric decal


  • Spring Web banner
  • Carbonated banner
  • H O L D O N player anthem

Very Rare

  • Sea Mine wheels
  • Crosspiece wheels
  • Poppet wheels
  • Wonder Stream trail
  • Octane: Vector decal


  • Sea Mine: Schematized wheels
  • Crosspiece: Holographic wheels
  • Poppet: Inverted wheels


  • Ball-Star goal explosion
  • Wave Rave boost

Black Market

  • Unzipped decal
  • Abracadabra goal explosion

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