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Rocket League Season 8: What we know so far

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rocket league season 8 action shot

Rocket League Season 7 is coming to a close, and with the ranked rewards dropping recently, fans are anxiously awaiting Season 8 which is just hours away.

Season 7 brought us a ‘Luxury’ theme, complete with a Rolls Royce-themed battle car with the Premium Battle Pass. We now know that Season 8 will bring something completely new to the table, the Honda Civic Type R!

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LATEST - Season 8 is Live Soon!

We are around 24 hours away from Rocket League Season 8 launching and bringing the first ever IRL car to the Rocket pass!

sovereign heights rocket league season 8
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If you're still on the fence about this season, note that we're also getting a brand new arena, Sovereign Heights, and the return of Haunted Hallows in October!

Rocket League Season 8 Revealed

The Honda Civic Type-R will headline the Rocket League Season 8 Rocket Pass. That's not all though! We're getting a brand new area, Sovereign Heights, and the return of the hugely popular Haunted Hallows event.

Season 8 will launch on Wednesday, 7 August which means there isn't long to go until we van get our hands on the brand new content.

Season 8 Release Date

With Season 7 wrapping up, and each competitive season usually lasting around 3 months, we can expect Season 8 to drop in early September. Season 7 is due to wrap up on 7 September, and will shortly be replaced by Season 8, likely the following week on or around the 14 September.

rocket league season 8 teases
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Be sure to keep some credits aside for the new battle pass, as we are guaranteed to get some brand-new customisation options with the new season. As for what they will look like? We might have a better idea than you think.

Season 8 Leaks

On the new Gilded version of the fan favourite Utopia Collusseum map, small bits of graffiti have been slowly popping up over the past week. At first, we got small doodles of crowns, purple red and gold, but there’s more.

Speculation suggests that the crowns could point to the Season 8 rewards. Back in Season 1, players were rewarded with a crown topper for their car, bronze to platinum depending on rank. Perhaps Season 8 could offer an updated version, including purple and red crowns for champ and grandchamp, which have appeared in the graffiti.

rocket league season 8 street art leaks
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A few days later though, more graffiti appeared. Along with other small text and crowns, the phrases “Soccar belongs to the streets”, and “Sovereign Krew”. Rocket League content creators think this might be teasing a new street art theme for Season 8.

Data mining has also revealed an image that seems to show the famous Rocket League ‘egg’ spectators, in the new theme. This could just be some additional splash art or could allude to some more cosmetics.

What to expect

Expect a week of tough going when the season drops, as everyone scrambles back up the ranks after a reset, but if you want the toughest competition, it’s the place to be. Get in and grind those placements and battle pass, and watch this space for any new release info.

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