Rocket League Season 8 REVEALED

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Rocket League Season 8 REVEALED - Rocket League Season 7 Key Art Civic Type R

Rocket League Season 8 has been revealed.

Embracing both racing and streetwear, this new Rocket League season will have players hit the streets in order to collect acclaimed prices while also participating in its new Season Pass. Some of these include the brand-new Honda Civic Type R—which headlines the season—and much more.

Rocket League Season 8 Revealed

Following up on a seventh season that brought the popular video game title a "Luxury" theme complete with a Rolls Royce-Themed Battle Car comes perhaps what many would consider, the exact opposite. We're talking about the introduction of streetwear for Rocket League Season 8.

This new season brings Rocket League to the streets as players will not only be able to collect new streetwear as they play but they will also be able to unlock the brand-new Honda Civic Type R. This high-performance hatchback is Honda's way of embodying the spirit of pure racing - a car players won't want to miss out on.

Rocket League Season 8 REVEALED - Rocket League Season 8 Season Pass
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Credit: Psyonix
MUCH TO EARN: The new Rocket League Season 8 Battle Pass offers different looks

Additionally, it'll introduce a brand new turn Arena, Sovereign Heights Arena, usher in the return of Haunted Hallows, and of course bring on a new Season Pass. Players who purchase and own the Premium version of the new Season Pass will immediately unlock the Honda Civic Type R and have a chance to unlock an upgraded Honda Civic Type R-LE as they level it up.

This new season is shocked full of new content and goodies to earn, from the new Honda Civic Type R, and the upgraded Honda Civic Type R-LE, to the tons of streetwear.

Rocket League Season 8 will go live on Wednesday, September 7, at 7 pm ET following Rocket League's game update. Once live, players will be able to enjoy everything the brand-new season provides.


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